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Keep At It

I’m not going to candy coat the emotions that I have experienced over the last three weeks. It is been hard.  It has been challenging. It has been a barrage of emotions colliding with absolute pure excitement as I work

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As an artist it is very hard to not take personally the critiques or negative statements one might make about our deeply personal and creative art pieces. Many years ago a customer came into my showroom and purchases an entire

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My Blue Heart

When I am mixing colors and trying to find new hues and gradations of the rainbow I will often come up with unique and unusual pieces. I will take those pieces and put them aside and note the color combination

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“My Brain”

Ever since I could remember I have always loved the combination of colors. Maybe it started when I got my first pink huffy bike. Maybe it started when I learned the Bible story of Noah and the ark and the

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“Leftover Rainbow”

“Leftover Rainbow” #ArtYouLove by Elizabeth Traub. (That’s me.) It’s a Saturday. I missed a ladies breakfast at church. When I loaned my SUV out to my boys to attend the air show I was not thinking what I had on

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Tiny Changes

I walked into my art studio. A space created by an extra bedroom. For over a month I have been making, “Tiny Changes” to make this space work. A spacious room, great storage, great open spaces. The space is not

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Who Is The Artist?

Who is the artist? I am.  Elizabeth Traub. You can #follow me @elizonthego & @ArtYouLove_on IG. I get so busy sharing my art I need to remember to introduce myself. Mom of 5. #interiordesigner #brand & #marketingstrategy and #painter. I

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Pleasant Valley

There is a road called ” Pleasant Valley” that many walks and talks have taken place with my children and by myself. Talks with my daughter, talks with my boys and talks with God. I painted this late one night.

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“Adaptable Collection” by Elizabeth Traub

This past week was hard. Really hard. Two things I do when life is hard. I walk and I paint. In the middle of a crazy and hard week I played with these colors, painted a lot and walked every

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American Style

I am an American. I started my life in Central Philadelphia, PA. My mother was a single mom working full-time. We had a black nanny named Miss Elizabeth. My thoughts of her holding me tight when I was scared, dancing

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“Abstractprim is Art You Love By Elizabeth Traub. I was watching online a simple and easy technique in painting called, “Paint Pouring”. Simple enough. Take primary colors, as instructed, layer colors in a cup, pour and then wait and see.

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Gordon Allan

“Gordon Allan” is Art You love by Elizabeth Traub. This piece is dedicated to Gordon. My partner in life. This piece was drying. I had not yet named it. I was trying to create an artful piece that would be

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Canvas Art Above The Toilet

What kind of, “Canvas Art Above The Toilet” should you choose? The answer is whatever inspires you when you go. The answer is how you want to design a bath and have the look of beauty and elegance. This piece

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“Growth” by Elizabeth Traub

It’s  been hard to put into words this past year. For many their hardest year. A pandemic, Covid, division and so much more. For me it was and still is a year of growth. Growing spiritually, emotionally and in beautiful

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Family Counts As Real Business

Today I received a request for a painted canvas art piece. I was excited and thankful for this family member. The reality is, “Family Counts As Real Business”. Am I right? I think our family’s are our biggest critics. I

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