Pleasant Valley

“Pleasant Valley” by Elizabeth Traub

There is a road called ” Pleasant Valley” that many walks and talks have taken place with my children and by myself. Talks with my daughter, talks with my boys and talks with God.

“Pleasant Valley” by Elizabeth Traub

I painted this late one night. Wishing it was daylight and I could just take a long walk along Pleasant Valley Road. “PVR” as we referred to it. When I needed to be outside in the fresh country air I gathered my children. We would walk along a beautiful horse farm. The road allowed the young boys to run ahead. My daughter would open up the intimacies of her heart. An outward process in her young teenage life. This next picture is from PVR.

Pleasant Valley Road

It’s where you work out life. Talking to God because there are some things one must process and work out alone. In the wee hours painting and longing for this walk on Pleasant Valley Rd. I took to painting.

“Pleasant Valley” by Elizabeth Traub

Painting and talking to God. I am in a bit of a valley. And talking it out with God I come away with a calm and a peace. Much like those countless walks on PVR.

Which is precisely why I named this piece, “Pleasant Valley” and truly feel God’s presence, His peace and calm. Lovely and pleasant thoughts in this valley. May you find peace in your day.

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