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Are you ready to hire a Social Media & Brand Management team? We help mix the right ingredients for your business, brand & campaign. We also have the right mix of experience to help your company make this important decision.

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Elizabeth Traub has a diverse marketing background. She knows how to dig in and research to see that your message & culture are being communicated with effective intent to your market.

She is not just curating what others share. She is writing your story, your messaging, and using strategies to spread your messaging across all relevant platforms.

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Let’s custom design your marketing profile based on your budget.

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Your Dreams & Passions

My Experience & Help

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Your Branding & Marketing require business savvy and experience outside of just tools with cute icons. Let’s develop your business experience through combining your offline messaging online and in front of your customers.

Please contact me, Elizabeth Traub, for pricing and packaging plans designed just for you. In social media it’s more than just our fingers who are doing the talking.

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  1. amaraheslin says:

    Building your brand/brand awareness is essential for your company as it serves as your trademark and one that will help you be distinguished in the sea of markets/businesses in the internet,. —

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