The Start

“The Start” by Elizabeth Traub

“The Start” is Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub.

It’s not always easy to start. Start what? It’s different for all of us. I wanted to start painting again. Taking unfished canvases, and shaking all the bottles of paint to see what was still fresh. Looking at over 50 used paint brushes telling the stories of my heart through painting. I have ideas. I’m an entrepreneur. I wanted to quietly start. And fail on my own. I wrote that because, “The Start” is always riddled with doubt, fear and dare I say failure. But then Gordon was here, with me, cheering me on. Loving each piece, telling me I am good at this. Now pieces are selling and this piece was, The Start”. I sold four of these after first posting on Facebook. It made me realize I could start regardless of the emotions of my own art business.

All Art You Love can be ordered  framed or unframed in a beautiful Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print.

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