Pillows Glorious Pillows

Let’s start with painting”Caspian.”

As an artist it’s exciting to be offering pillows, glorious pillows. They are not yet up on my website but they are coming and I’m pretty excited about that. Especially since I love both the painting which was painted and designed by yours truly.

Any art piece in my gallery can be transformed into a pillow. As a designer pillows are those finishing touches that make your room come together.  Accessories are important.  They give us a sense of finality.

It has taken me several months of trial and error to find a supplier that would provide the kind of quality that I would not only use in my own home but that I would suggest to my clients.

I always like to try new products on myself and with family and friends. Here you’ll see in these pictures that follow an art piece in our Palm Desert home paired with my “Caspian” design. I wanted a design added to our pillow collection on our sectional.  I like to do things in threes when it comes to pillows.

We have two solid colors. I wanted to add that third pillow with a print. I love recommending pillows with an accent design.  I scoured multiple websites and design stores for the perfect pillow accent.  I could not find the perfect pillow.  What did I do?  Naturally, being an artist, I painted the perfect piece.

Very exciting to be adding more designer accents. I will be adding pillows in the next month. Thank you for continuing to read and support my business.

Be looking for designer, one of a kind, accents to help design your home.

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What Is Your Now What?

What Is Your Now What?

What is your, “Now What?” A good question to ask at any age? You have goals,
dreams, plans, and once you knock these off your list, now what?

I have very silly now what’s that I vocalized to all my children. There were
things I chose to miss out on while raising five kids and running my own
business. I said for almost three decades the following. I am going to share
my, “Now What” thoughts.

  1. I am watching all the popular sitcoms, if they still have them when my kids are grown.

Let’s break this down. While I was planning all this and saying it out loud there was no streaming of TV shows from the past. I missed most of the popular ones because I was doing homework with kids, getting through bath times, reading stories and listening to their thoughts and ideas. By 9:00pm I would head down to my office to get caught up before the next day started. Let’s see… I have watched every episode of, “Greys Anatomy.” I now understand an entire generation talking about, “Mc Dreamy” and I get it.  I have watched every episode of “Friends” and I make it a point to watch all the Oscar winning movies for the past 30 years. Gone are the days of PBS in the afternoons and Hello Netlix. I tell my husband that I am going off to go and watch another show on Netflix. No one needs me. No one needs help with homework and that is fine.

2. I am going to eat any time of day.

I am a foody. I was called, “Food Face” when I was a kid. I am a suggestive eater. I was on the high-chair diet. ( Eat what your kids can’t finish).  I was on a teenager diet. (Pizza and ice-cream when friend come over. With five kids that had a lot of friends, pizza and ice-cream was often.)

I have stood in my kitchen countless times saying, “No What?” What on earth do I make for just one or two?  Cooking. I love cooking. I always wanted to open up my cookbooks and start from the beginning and work my way through. And I do just that. Cooking all the foods that little sillies will look at and cry. So far there have been no tears from my husband over food touching. We often have an afternoon snack. I am not stuck in assembly line lunch assembly for many.

3. I am going to have a paint studio wherever I go where I can leave everything out 24/7.

I have painted most of my life. Time and space did not allow for things to be left out for weeks. Typically, when I would paint, the dining room became art central. Then when a large group, holiday or party were on the calendar the make-shift art studio was boxed up. No longer does my creativity get put in a box. I have not one, but two art spaces that are permanent and truly I am so happy about this.

4. Turn my art business into a “REAL” business.

I have a solid resume of art. Painting anything that would hold paint. Painting pictures, murals on walls and canvas. It was always my garden to play in. A release of creative energies, or stress relief. One day without any thought I flipped this website into an all-inclusive website and many might think that was a bad idea and might confuse the google algorithm I was not about numbers or rhythms. I just knew this was my, “Now What” moment.

What is your, “Now What?” A good question to ask at any age? Take your goals. Say them out loud tell others about them. Make them your reality. We bring our goals to life when we give them air and words. Those dreams are closer than you think. Those years of raising kids, working, and juggling all those things I loved about being a mother and business owner were not always easy. I thought about my, “Now What’s” and dreamed about this season in my life.

Your “Now What?” can start long befor the kids are raised. Make plans. Baby step your life into your goals, dreams and plans. I never had formal plans. I just chatted about the future that was after raising kids.  

Be sure to watch on Friday’s my art tutorials. I am posting those Every Friday. Let’s make something beautiful together. It may not be on your, “Now What” list but it’s a start.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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A New Food Critic

A New Food Critic in the making.

Every time I go into a restaurant I always look at the artwork.  I always think that their budget must have been very slim because often it’s not quite the right fit of artwork for the venue. Maybe it’s the interior designer in me. Tonight was different. Taking notes of the restaurant details turned towards my overall dining experience.

Earlier this week I received a message from Google. I qualified for a Google pin as an influencer. They are mailing me a cute little pin. It was suggested I wear it so businesses know. Know what? That I chat about my love affair of living life and talking about it.

My reviews, as amateur as they are, have received over 350k views. Is that good? Good enough to get an influencer pin in the mail.

Cork Tree Restaurant

Tonight we visited this restaurant, “Cork Tree.” Every little detail was superb. Even their serving cart. Let’s talk about a serving cart. It makes me think they value their employees. Saving them from carrying heavy trays of food in an awkward carrying position. This one detail alone gives high marks on employee care. Note adding this category to my newest role as a food critic.

The Rolling Cart A+

The next category is, “Creative Design.” Keep in mind I am making this up as I go.

The Rosemary Tree A+

I am really jealous of this idea in artful food presentation. I cook with fresh Rosemary and never thought to plant this sumptuous herb. Planted among a tower of spinach. Creative Design A+.

Food presentation is a visual decision. Does it look good? We decide this before ever taking a bite. Setting up the connection between brain and pallet with our eyes. Am I right? Let’s take a look. Look at this as the first entree and YOU tell me.

Scallops Are Looking Good

First we have Scallops on a bed of creamed butternut squash. Sauteed mushrooms and jellied pomegranate. Add these larger than life seared scallops. Reread this dish. Look at this picture. A+ is my score for Creative Design and taste.  Savory balance and flavor. The chef brought ourmt real food flavors blending all so well. This is the dish I chose. No take home tonight. Look at this close up. Delicious!!

My husband played golf this afternoon. Not really up for a big meal. He chose the chicken dish. He also chose this restaurant.

I love cooking. As a seasoned (pun intended) entertaining cook this dish gave life to a brilliant presentation of chicken. I had bites of moist chicken. MOIST CHICKEN PEOPLE!!! A creamy risotto paired with a tower of spinach. A saucy chicken. Truly a divine dish.

Little Touches- No Extra Charge A+

My husband always says then when presented with delicious bread and generous portions of butter, along with your water is a positive start to a dining experience. Cork Tree delivered just that. With no extra charge. Grading scale is another A+.

Perhaps as a self-appointed new food critic my scores are generous. This gem in Palm Desert is tucked in the front corner of Cook Street and Country Club in a shopping center with plenty of parking.

I asked the manager to come to our table. When he arrived I complimented him on our dining experience. He was most appreciative. A beautiful dining experience all around. Honorable mentions are our crab cakes and chopped wedge salad. We were hungry and started our dinner without thoughts of documenting.

Note to self: Going to make the scallops meal at home.

Thank you for reading. Happy dining.

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All The Images In My Head Start With A Blank Canvas

All The Images In My Head Start With A Blank Canvas.

My brain is a Roledex of images filed away. My phone also helps with keeping those files organized.

As I look to painting and creating different versions of who I am as an artist I create an image in my head. I think through the painting process. What colors, design and details will I paint to bring those images to life.

To stand before a blank canvas with this Roledex of information and images to be translated into a canvas is both challenging and exciting. I have to be in the mood and in my creative head space.

This week’s painting will be an abstract self portrait. I may create a few versions as I have a few ideas. Something I have been thinking about for a long time. As I said, “All The Images In My Head Start With A Blank Canvas.”

Come back later this week to see my abstract self portraits. The first start looks like this….not much to see but that is how it starts.

The ideas are endless with a blank canvas.

Have a wonderful day. Elizabeth

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What Is Your Relationship With Paint Brushes?

What is your relationship with paint brushes? Seems like an odd question but really is it? After all we have favorite pens, favorite shoes, favorite handbags, or a favorite jacket. Why not have favorite paint brushes? Especially as an artist.

It dawned on me that I have multiple containers full of paint brushes. I have two art studios in two different states which have equal amounts of paint brushes. Every time I go to the art store to pick up some new paints I always pick up a few new brushes. I realize I don’t even use 2/3 of the brushes I have. I’m thinking of creating an actual art piece with paint brushes stay tuned for that one.

The red cup hosts my favorite brushes.

Like that favorite pen, or that favorite marker, or favorite handbag, or favorite shoes or hat I do have some favorite paint brushes. I think what happens when you’re an empath is the emotions that you feel around the paintings that you are painting are somehow also attached to that paint brush.

Much like a writer writing in a journal everyday, which I do write almost daily. I have a favorite pen that I like to write with. I like to write with a very fine ballpoint pen because ink flows off quick enough to keep up with my brain. Such as my favorite paint brushes.

What do you have that’s a favorite? How does this favorite item inspire you? How does it direct you in your daily activities? I’m personally attached to my paint brushes. Like I said stay tuned for the paintbrush canvas coming…Here is a sneak peek.

Oh just wait for the finished canvas.

The finished canvas is already done in my head. I have visualized the process through completion. My next post will be the finished piece

Come back and visit, comment and wave hello.

Have a wonderful day

Love, Elizabeth

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Your Creative Process Is Never Pointless

Your Creative Process Is Never Pointless. What is it you do? Keep doing it. What is it you want to do? Keep trying.

When I was in my early 20’s I used my stay home mommy times making things. There was no computer or Pinterest to inspire. It was magazines and craft stores. I tried crocheting and made some cute things, I sewed things, I made Christmas things. I painted small pieces of furniture with trending colors and designs. I painted little canvas squares with holiday themes or pictures of things kids love to decorate a room.

By December I had ALOT of stuff. What did I do? I pulled all my own home decor out of my dining room and kitchen. Displayed ALL my crazy crafts, put a sign out and hosted a lovely holiday sale in my home over a four day weekend. I made a little over $4000.00 dollars. Believe me when I say that back in the 80’s with a husband making minimum wage that money was OVER THE TOP.

Your Creative Process Is Never Pointless!!!!

This experience taught me something I never knew about myself. I created and designed beautiful things. What I thought when making things was my mental process to being a young stay home mom was fullfilled by filling my space with creatively designing. We had no TV at the time. When kids were napping, or content I crafted. Saving extra money to buy supplies. I loved designing and creating beautiful home accents.

I went on to become an Interior Designer with my own showroom and managing a larger than life staff. Why? How?

My creative process was not pointless. Taking what you love and turning it into not just your hobby but a business.

If you would ever like help with your creative process in your own boutique or business please be sure to reach out to me. You can use the contact form below.

Your dreams and passions my experience and help! Have a wonderful day love Elizabeth

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Elizabeth Harris Art

“Baldoni” is a piece I designed and painted to fit into todays’ decorating trends. Both in color and design. This piece brings some of those earth tones that our mid-century people love. Every room needs a designer accent and focal point. Something about being an Interior Designer & Artist make me giddy in how color and design come together.

I would like to say I know what inspired me to paint this piece but I truly only recall asking myself how these newly mixed colors would look on canvas. As I was mixing the amber and brick tones I thought of the kind of home or room this might look good in. My “testing” of colors produced this beautiful piece. I love how it fits in various room designs. The pictures tell the story of each room.

I am currently sitting in my favorite reclining chair as I type. My 18 year old is in his room playing the guitar. I am always blessed by the arts. Today the artistic musical arrangements in the background. I will miss his playing as he goes off to college next Fall. Play on Eric. You have inspired my blogging today.

Today the designer in me comes out. The behind the scenes non-designer tasks that must be completed. Going to look at an order for fixtures, hardware for kitchen and bath. Checking the order in the warehouse before it is sent off to it’s final landing place for beautiful installation and design.

The first employee I ever hired at the age of 26 was a stock girl. Her name was Sarah and she did an excellent job with all the inventory. Cross checking items numbers and seeing that we receieved what we ordered. I need a Sarah today. But alas, as I no longer have a store front I am off to put on the hat of stock checking gal.

Which leadss me back to “Baldino” and the beautiful hues of colors. This piece is up for sale. With all my pieces I can always create custom size prints. I post my best sizes. If you are interested in a custome size be sure to fill out my contact form.

Not sure what size will work? Let me help you. We can hop on a zoom meeting where you can show me th space and we can decided the best size and placement. The interior designer in me wants to make sure you are making the best selection. You can fill out the contact form below.Your Dreams & passion, My experience & help.

Have a wonderful day. Can you believe we are about to knock out the first month of 2023. Cheers and Happy New Year.

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Own Your Process

It’s easy to be destracted by other artists. No matter what job you are doing there will always be someone in this world doing the same exact thing. As an artist there may be a similar painting. As an interior designer there may be rooms designed in ways that you are cetain your ideas were stolen. The truth is your ideas will be taken. I have lived with this my entire life.

About 25 years ago I was decorating a show home. I had beautiful custom bedding that I had designed. Beautiful lavendar, plum, and sage green and pink plaid fabric. With three other accent prints. The bedding, window treatments, even the stuffed rocker was custom designed with this print and colors of the room. It was beautiful and it was unique. The twinsize customer was expensive and made with the finest fabrics. I sold many custom orders for the next six months. The room design of that ” Street of Dreams” home was recreated in my front showroom window. It was a beautiful and popular suite. Typically post show I would have the room front and center in my showroom. We were decorating and selling this room like crazy. When I would go to a cleint’s home and we discussed the whole home concenpt it was this room suite clients wanted.

Then one day a customer walked in and asked, “Why is your comforter so expensive? Target sells this for $89.00. This is the exact fabric.” My heart sunk. I drove over to Target that afternoon and sure enough the same fabrics I was using, the same exact fabric designs printed on a lower grade fabric. I was in a tizzy, I was crushed. Keep in mind I had a beautiful showroom with hundreds of custom bedding options. But this was my feature, my investement and I thought that one customer was representing all future sales, or no sales. Instead I pulled on my fancy interior designer shoes and walked back into my store.

What did I do? I educated my staff on fabric printing and quality. If our customer’s were paying more then my staff needed to be educated on how fabric designs are printed and the fabric grade and thread count. We were selling on quality.

I could have so easily been distracted. I was. For a hot hour. We did sell through many orders of stock and it continued to be hit. Own your process.

Stay focussed on YOUR work. Whatever that may be. As an artist your process is unique. Sure someone will come along and try to replicate it. There will be many times when seems are not going the direction you expected.

Own your process. I have had to do that over and over again.

Last year I was so excited to be placing my art on Wayfair. I had arrived. This was one of my goals as an artist. Then I realized that I could not own my process. Oh sure if you click on the link they allowed me to have some of my prints on my own page. Instead, my art was placed on other platforms and sellers’ pages to help “promote” my art. Then you see knocks-offs of my own art. Wayfair cannot control the knock-offs. I am sharing this and simply stating that know matter how mch you try to own your process there will always be something or someone that tries to knock you off balance.

You truly are unique. Own your process and stay focused doing what you love.

With Love, Elizabeth

P.S. If you ever need help in marketing your business or interior design accents please be sure to fill out the contact form and we can set up a meeting.

Your Dreams & Passions,

My experience & Help.

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A Wreath-A-Franklin

I have been filling orders for my, “Christmas Cheer” wreath I painted. My husband said that I now have famous singer status. I had no idea what he was talking about. He gave me clues to try to figure it out and just like that I said, “A Wreath-A-Franklin.

“Christmas Cheer” by Elizabeth Harris Art

It’s been a busy week. Trying to figure out what to promote for the holidays. I chose this wreath. I posted this picture on Facebook. My cozy home decorated for Christmas. The comments I recieved on my wreath were encouraging. My husband asked why this painting was not up on my selling site.

You can go to http://www.elizabethharrisart.com to buy “Christmas Cheer” if you would like. If you don’t see your size then contact me and I can custom order you a size. “Christmas Cheer” was painted last Christams. It’s now a Christmas favorite in my own home.

Merry, “ChristmasCheer” by Elizabeth Harris Art

I sent a canvas print to my sister-in-law and she called this morning to say thank you and sent a picture of, “Christmas Cheer” hanging in her home. When a family member hangs my art in their home I feel like a true artist. What does “Holiday Cheer” really mean in the grand scope of things?

Choosing to be kind. To smile often. To encourage others and to find your place of joy, peace and hope.

I also digitally enhanced ” Christmas Cheer” for your designer home colors. All available at elizabethharrisart.com.

Merry Christmas to all. Spread “Christmas Cheer” to all you meet and greet.

Have a wonderful day. Elizabeth Harris

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“Boho Me” by Elizabeth Harris Art

I created this collection of digital art in my “Boho Digital Gallery.” There are several different colorways in this collection. However, this colorway, “Boho Me” represented more of the colors in my home and in my closet.

How did I get started on this Boho journey of art. It started about 15 years ago when a sweet young gal came up to me. I had been presenting on business development for a host of savvy women. All entrepreneurs with their own businesses. It was an honor to share my own journey and what I have learned along the way in my entrepreneurial endeavors.  

Shortly after my talk was over this darling gal came up to me. I thought she was going to ask questions, want to meet and learn more how to grow her business. No, instead she said, “I love your Bohemian look”. I had no idea what that meant. I just smiled and said thank you. She was a stylish put together gal, so I took this as a compliment.

I thought, “Bohemian” was a community village somewhere in the back country of Africa. I asked my daughter what this gal could have meant. She said that it was a very true statement about me. My daughter went on to share that my free-spirited personality, not hindered by the ideas of others, a trend setter and open to all human’s kind of gal fit the bill. The fact that I was wearing a very bright patterned dress with a bright green jacket added to the look I was being complimented on.

This colorway is like the colors I was wearing that day over 15 years ago. I still have that dress.

I have very proud of this collection of digital art. I have created room designs for each colorway and will share in each individual blog for each piece.

I like to add my art pieces in real room arrangements. It’s the Interior Designer in me that wants to want you to see a piece as if in your own home.

Look around at my, “Boho Me” gallery. Here you have many options in which to order for your home, office or art gallery.

I am especially enjoying some of the accessories to go with my art pieces. Mugs, tote bags and trays are a favorite among my growing customer list. I have also added throw pillows in three different sizes.

Be sure to sign up for my newsletter. There I will share special events, giveaways, and sales.

Have a wonderful day.

Elizabeth Harris Art

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Elizabeth Harris Art Gallery Now Open

“Elizabeth Harris Art”

I decided to start a new art selling platform in combination with this website.

A brand new art gallery website has been opened. It’s been a year and a half of finding my place in the internet world of shopping for art you love. This page is simply here to send you to, “Elizabeth Harris Art”. Anywhere on this page you see “Elizabeth Harris Art” you can click and be redirected to my new art gallery website. I am not sure if all 24K of you will follow me there. I hope you do. Cheers!!!!!

Elizabeth Harris Art

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About to Launch Elizabeth Harris Art

For all the wild leftover paints you get this piece.

It’s been a busy month. I am working on launching a brand new website. This website, where you are reading now, will no longer be promoting, selling, or chatting about my endeavors in art. Rather I have packed up this website and will now have Elizabeth Harris Art. Launching on September 1st.

Let’s pack up this baby and make the move.

I cannot believe that after 10 years on this website I am moving and I am so excited. Ten years and it’s out with the old and in with the new. Elizabeth Harris Art will be featuring my best pieces over the past few years. Multiple pieces and sizes. Even some interior designer swag like pillows, canvas tote bags, trays, mugs, greeting card and so much more. I am pretty excited. It’s been a long time coming.

Let’s go on over and enjoy the party. Elizabeth Harris Art opening September 1st.

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I Paint From This Place

Brushes & Painting

I paint from this place with paints and brushes.

I paint from this place of joy.

I paint from this place of contentment.

I paint from this place of heartbreak.

I paint from this place of planning.

I paint from this place of singing.

I play it from this place of sadness.

I paint from this place in the quiet.

I paint from this place in the crazy sounds of laughter.

I paint from this place as I hear the tinkering of bike parts.

Filling Up The Space

I paint from this place as an old man pushes his walker.

I paint from this place as the sun shines in bright and cheery.

I paint from this place as the clouds hang low adding and casting a shadow of gray.

There is always a place to paint. So I paint from this place where God is leading my heart.

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“Watching You” by Elizabeth Harris

“Watching You” by Elizabeth Harris

I put this piece on Facebook and asked my community to help me name this. There were over 50 responses and ideas. It was hard to choose the best name. As I thought about the story behind starting this piece I chose the name “Watching You” appropiately named by Amy Caplin. Funny thing is my very first piece of art that I purchased was purchased from Amy. It was early 1999 or 2000. That painting still hangs in my living room almost 22 years later.

“Watching You” in your sitting room.

The cool thing about asking my community for help is in a series of many faces to be painted over the next few months I now have a full wheelhouse of name ideas.

“Watching You” above your desk.

The story about this piece. I have 8 kids. Five of mine and three of his. I love them all in their own unique way. They are all hardworking, living out their adult lives and letting me in. Social Media allows me to be watching their stories unfold. Thier shares are something I watch. I look forward to seeing. I have since learned that my 89 year old dad watches my storeis on IG. He recently told me it has been fun to see the silly things I share. “You are something Elizabeth” is what he said. “I enjoy watching you.” And having already chosen the name for this piece it became even more perfect.

“Watching You” above your sofa

“Watching You”. It’s a different style for me. I love color as you can see through out my website. However I am also learning digitized art to adapt a painting to a new color pallet for clients as needed. It expands art in ways that artists can only dream of. I know this has been available for years to alter art, but as I am taking my art business to newer and higher heights I am learning to utilize the tools availabe.

“Watching You” in your gallery

I never in my wildest dreams, those mid-eighties years at the Art Institue of Seattle, could imagine what technology would bring to the art world. Yet here we are and what a wonderful thing it all is. Following are some digitized pieces from original arcyclic painting on canvas. I love that I can produce color series that fit the vibe of any room, home or wall.

I think I may hav already mentioned that this is not my typical style. Yet it has received lots of attention on my social sites. You can find this on my selling page and order the stock sizes or message me for a custom size and quote. I also offer wholesale to qualified retailers. Woohoo. Guess who is “Wacthing You”?

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“Spring Fling”

“Spring Fling”

It’s a bit elecric with so much color and looking extraordinary. I started this piece in late spring. Always adding a bit more, a little more of this color and little more of that color. Flinging color here and there. Thus the name, “Spring Fling”. This was the last piece I painted before we packed up our winter home and headed north for the summer. It’s kind of surreal as I will come back to the place as Mrs. Harris. So many wonderful memories over the past three years. I love how “Spring Fling” looks in any room of yoru home. Just look how beautiful and stunning the swooping pops of color in the pictures below. Does you home need a pop of color. Go over to my sales page and order your print today.

One special memory is the outdoor sunny studio that my handsome man allowed space for. This was a beautiful outdoor room and I needed a space to be creative and that handsome man said, “Do you what you want.” I love him and how he supports me in my passions of art, painting and making big messes.

All the thrills of planning a wedding party, marrying the love of my life a new season. I am going to order a larger canvas wrapped print for my studio and maybe one of our homes. This piece has deep heartfelt special meaning.

Happy Summer.

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