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Pillows Glorious Pillows

As an artist it’s exciting to be offering pillows, glorious pillows. They are not yet up on my website but they are coming and I’m pretty excited about that. Especially since I love both the painting which was painted and

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All The Images In My Head Start With A Blank Canvas

All The Images In My Head Start With A Blank Canvas. My brain is a Roledex of images filed away. My phone also helps with keeping those files organized. As I look to painting and creating different versions of who

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What Is Your Relationship With Paint Brushes?

What is your relationship with paint brushes? Seems like an odd question but really is it? After all we have favorite pens, favorite shoes, favorite handbags, or a favorite jacket. Why not have favorite paint brushes? Especially as an artist.

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Elizabeth Harris Art

“Baldoni” is a piece I designed and painted to fit into todays’ decorating trends. Both in color and design. This piece brings some of those earth tones that our mid-century people love. Every room needs a designer accent and focal

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I Paint From This Place

I paint from this place with paints and brushes. I paint from this place of joy. I paint from this place of contentment. I paint from this place of heartbreak. I paint from this place of planning. I paint from

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“Spring Fling”

It’s a bit elecric with so much color and looking extraordinary. I started this piece in late spring. Always adding a bit more, a little more of this color and little more of that color. Flinging color here and there.

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Now I Am Painting

It’s been a very busy few weeks. Getting ready for a glorious wedding party, family camp at the beach, managing two hoeseholds, walking, golfing and only once standing before a white canvas and pondering what to paint next. The artist

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I am about to step into alot of celebrations. The past weeks my art has been a finishing process of pieces started and finishing up. I am getting married in less than four weeks. I will begin signing my art

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“The Intersection”

Today was one of those hard days of painting. Thinking, processing, quiet, music, coffee, water, and Gordon through the glass door, out another glass door that is our front outdoor area. It’s like we are together but removed by doors

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“Awaking” Art You Love

“Awaking” just might be Art You Love for a very long time. Hanging a piece of art becomes part of your design story for many years. I have a beautiful painting I bought in 2000. My kids know only this

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Rainbow Story

Everyone has a, “Rainbow Story”. Plain and simple as that. We see them most while driving on the freeway with wide open spaces after a heavy rain. Sometimes if we are really lucky we see a double rainbow and shout

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Scheffler For The Win

It’s was a “Master’s” golf weekend. I really wanted to paint a green jacket. The esteemed green jacket for the winner of the “Master’s Golf Tournement 2022”. On the first day of the Master’s PGA Tournament I was watching one

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Keep At It

I’m not going to candy coat the emotions that I have experienced over the last three weeks. It is been hard.  It has been challenging. It has been a barrage of emotions colliding with absolute pure excitement as I work

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Call To Your Heart

This piece is one of those that has a deep meaning. It was painted and finished during a phone call. Her heart in process and my heart listening. Many years of mentoring young women through church and through Young Life.

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Timing is every whether intended or unintended. Ever have a situation where you were at the right place at the right time? You were inspired to show up and just be there. Someone said, “go” and you did. You were

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