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What Is Your Now What?

What is your, “Now What?” A good question to ask at any age? You have goals,dreams, plans, and once you knock these off your list, now what? I have very silly now what’s that I vocalized to all my children.

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A New Food Critic

A New Food Critic in the making. Every time I go into a restaurant I always look at the artwork.  I always think that their budget must have been very slim because often it’s not quite the right fit of

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All The Images In My Head Start With A Blank Canvas

All The Images In My Head Start With A Blank Canvas. My brain is a Roledex of images filed away. My phone also helps with keeping those files organized. As I look to painting and creating different versions of who

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What Is Your Relationship With Paint Brushes?

What is your relationship with paint brushes? Seems like an odd question but really is it? After all we have favorite pens, favorite shoes, favorite handbags, or a favorite jacket. Why not have favorite paint brushes? Especially as an artist.

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Your Creative Process Is Never Pointless

Your Creative Process Is Never Pointless. What is it you do? Keep doing it. What is it you want to do? Keep trying. When I was in my early 20’s I used my stay home mommy times making things. There

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Elizabeth Harris Art

“Baldoni” is a piece I designed and painted to fit into todays’ decorating trends. Both in color and design. This piece brings some of those earth tones that our mid-century people love. Every room needs a designer accent and focal

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Own Your Process

It’s easy to be destracted by other artists. No matter what job you are doing there will always be someone in this world doing the same exact thing. As an artist there may be a similar painting. As an interior

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A Wreath-A-Franklin

I have been filling orders for my, “Christmas Cheer” wreath I painted. My husband said that I now have famous singer status. I had no idea what he was talking about. He gave me clues to try to figure it

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“Boho Me” by Elizabeth Harris Art

I created this collection of digital art in my “Boho Digital Gallery.” There are several different colorways in this collection. However, this colorway, “Boho Me” represented more of the colors in my home and in my closet. How did I

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Elizabeth Harris Art Gallery Now Open

“Elizabeth Harris Art” I decided to start a new art selling platform in combination with this website. A brand new art gallery website has been opened. It’s been a year and a half of finding my place in the internet

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About to Launch Elizabeth Harris Art

It’s been a busy month. I am working on launching a brand new website. This website, where you are reading now, will no longer be promoting, selling, or chatting about my endeavors in art. Rather I have packed up this

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I Paint From This Place

I paint from this place with paints and brushes. I paint from this place of joy. I paint from this place of contentment. I paint from this place of heartbreak. I paint from this place of planning. I paint from

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“Watching You” by Elizabeth Harris

I put this piece on Facebook and asked my community to help me name this. There were over 50 responses and ideas. It was hard to choose the best name. As I thought about the story behind starting this piece

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“Spring Fling”

It’s a bit elecric with so much color and looking extraordinary. I started this piece in late spring. Always adding a bit more, a little more of this color and little more of that color. Flinging color here and there.

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Now I Am Painting

It’s been a very busy few weeks. Getting ready for a glorious wedding party, family camp at the beach, managing two hoeseholds, walking, golfing and only once standing before a white canvas and pondering what to paint next. The artist

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