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“Holiday Cheer”

I really wanted to paint something special to go above my mantle for the holidays. I think I am my hardest client. I’ve actually wanted to do this for years. The kids always voted for natural green wreaths and lots

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The Pain of Amazon (Not Really)

Oh the pains of Amazon. I made a vow that as long as I had my own store I could never buy or subscribe to Amazon.  I felt that I had to shop local and support ALL local small mom

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Engaging Holiday Style

Today I want to blog about engagement and relationships through the Holidays and in Style.  Not in the technique, or strategies of it all.  We spend a lot of time managing our Social Media presence.  We,  those of us who

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Target Manager Amazes Me

It is not every day that I walk out of a store almost in tears.  Actually I am not sure that I have ever done that.  Even a good sale does not make me cry.  This evening was very different

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Thanksgiving Wreaths & Joy

Enjoying the festivities of being a big family, with a big meal and the big event of decorating our home for Christmas.  If I was brave enough I might show you the before and after pictures.  Instead here are a

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