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“Fashion the Cure” in Portland, OR

There has been much going on in Portland around the kind of business I do.  I recently took on one  my most heart challenging projects. Putting on an event around the disease of breast cancer.  I think daily about those

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Social Media Grumblings

Social Media Grumbles It is very hard to believe how quickly these past few months have passed.  The days, so full, the weeks flipping by on the pages of my life.  I have come here to write several times in

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Hung Out To Buy

Hung Out To Buy is a new business to follow.  Why, it’s one I have been working on for a couple of years. Why is it always easier coming alongside a business, providing  the ideas to help move that business

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Thanksgiving Wreaths & Joy

Enjoying the festivities of being a big family, with a big meal and the big event of decorating our home for Christmas.  If I was brave enough I might show you the before and after pictures.  Instead here are a

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