“Fashion the Cure” in Portland, OR

There has been much going on in Portland around the kind of business I do.  I recently took on one  my most heart challenging projects. Putting on an event around the disease of breast cancer.  I think daily about those who have survived or lost their life. I have read more on this disease than I want to. It is real and if not affected by this disease, most know someone who is or was.

When I was 32 years old, I volunteered through my church to help a sick women.  A group of about 4 women went to this sick ladies house to clean it.   Personally I would have just paid to send over a  house cleaner, but this was an act of service through the church I had signed up for.  When I stepped into this sick woman’s home I went very quiet. She was my age.  Missing most of her hair. She had two sweet little girls. I had furnished the lovely room designs for her girls. I had not seen this women in months. I just knew that a disease had taken her very ill. Cancer. Breast Cancer.  I never forgot that day in her home.

I was at Nordstroms yesterday standing behind this beautiful women wearing a hat. I asked her, “are you a survivor of breast cancer?”  I just up and asked this women I did not know.  She looked at me, with a tender smile said, “I don’t know yet I am still fighting for my life.”

“Fashion the Cure” is a fashion event put on by Betty Jean Couture, a local Portland design firm.  Oct 5th will be an evening shared with the American Cancer Society and hosted by REALLY BIG VIDEO in downtown Portland.  Models will walk the Portland runway in designs that designer, Kennith Doswell has worked hard on.  Why put on a fashion event around the topic of breast cancer?  Kennith’s mother Betty Jean died of breast cancer when she was 48 years.  You may know a mother, a sister, a woman, who lost this battle, too.

Breast Cancer, American Cancer Society, Betty Jean Couture, Portland, Fashion, Design, Fashion Show

A young Betty Jean

The woman whom I cleaned house for over 15 years ago is a survivor.  She has watched her girls grow up. There are many who do survive this rigid battle.  I know many.  Yet even in knowing those who survive we do not want to lose the memories of those who did not. As woman who face this battle the shape of our body changes.   “Fashion the Cure” is recognizing the various sizes that women are shaped in and thus Kennith has added full figured models to this runway show.

This is a high fashion event. One in which I have been honored to be a part of. If you are in the Portland area and would like to support the American Cancer Society through “Fashion the Cure” here is the link to purchase tickets. “Fashion the Cure”

Breast Cancer, American Cancer Society, Betty Jean Couture, Portland, Fashion, Design, Fashion Show

If you would like to put a group rate together please contact me personally. I would love to have group seating arranged for you and your friends.   I look forward to seeing familiar faces at this event. Blessings, Elizabeth

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