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Dinner at 11:45pm. And we are all still smiling after a long day.
Adiba, Elizabeth, Hanna, Jared

Are you looking for that big break in your career and life goals? Are you working hard and positioning yourself with whom you believe is the right project or person who will get you there.   There is something about me that most do not know. I am often misunderstood in who I bring around me and how I go about my business.  You see when I am leading a project I do not always bring in the well-known, the big names, the “I have done this before 100 times and you should hire me.”  I may offend people in not choosing them.  In the kind of work that I do, I have many who come into my space wanting me to “bring them into….” And many I do based on specific requirements.

ortland Business, Fashion Week, Portland Fashion, Women Fashion, Elizabeth Traub

After a job well done!

I watch behaviors.  I show up at many events without an agenda and notice the hard work, or detail a person puts into the present project.  You see, who you are, and who you many know and what you may have been in the past is not how I build a team. I know some may criticize me for this. Work ethic is paramount in who I bring together as a team for a specific project I am working on.  Thus I look at your character, how you work with others and how you serve in the task at hand.   Sometimes that “task at hand” has no glamor or fun in it.  I watch how you speak of others.  You may not know it, but you may be in an interview with me at a social function for a project months out.

ortland Business, Fashion Week, Portland Fashion, Women Fashion, Elizabeth Traub

Adiba Nelson & Hanna Ohmes

There are many gifted and talented people in so many fields of business.    I draw from a crowd ready for opportunity, ready to learn, and ready to work like they have never worked. It is through those experiences you learn who you are as a leader, and more important is you bring others into opportunity they may have never had.

I was part of the Betty Jean Couture team launching our first “Fashion The Cure” runway show on Oct 5th, 2013.  There are always those who are front and center in front of the cameras.  Those whom we elevate, and rightly so.  Then there are those who step into opportunity not realizing that the very work ethic they portray today may be what provides that career break or life goal for tomorrow.  I invited four individuals in what I called “the next 36 hours of working harder than you have ever worked.”  I said, “There may be unknowns and at any given moment a shifting of what you are doing now into something that changes.”  All were “in”.  I chose each of these individuals based on their heart character.  I have learned that the heart and character of person from within will produce a work ethic like no other.  I had to deliver what I had promised Mr. Kenneth Doswell, my client and there is no room for finding out your work ethic while on a job as important at this.

ortland Business, Fashion Week, Portland Fashion, Women Fashion, Elizabeth Traub

Emily Otteson & Adiba Nelson
Moments before doors open.
All smiles!!

These four had no idea what they were in for. From assisting with  setting up and working through many details behind the scenes of a runway fashion show.  From running from one end of town, back and forth and picking up sets, chairs, displays. To answering emails, calls and producing communications to reach an entire army of people working on the project.  They saw a lot of what goes on behind the scenes and the making of a runway fashion show.  Without question or hesitation they showed up.  They were also the last people to leave the building at the end of a very successful Betty Jean Couture “Fashion The Cure” runway show.  I did not have to beg them to stay. It was well after midnight and they stayed, even after working three long days. They saw a job that needed to be done and they did it.

Portland Business, Fashion Week, Portland Fashion, Women Fashion, Elizabeth Traub

Friendship deepened through hard work.

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing stories around the making of a fashion show. I will be highlighting many individuals.  I start with these four.  All who became my personal assistants.  All who are now on my team for future events. Why?  Not only did they show up on time, sweat, offer laughs and encouragements, they showed a character of love to everyone around them even when emotions were high.  They portrayed a level of professionalism that most take a life time to understand. As I watched, I smiled at these young people who are making a difference in the lives they touch. Thank You, Adiba, Hanna, Emily and Jared.  If you see their name highlighted.  Click their name and it will take you to their links.

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