The Pain of Amazon (Not Really)

Oh the pains of Amazon. I made a vow that as long as I had my own store I could never buy or subscribe to Amazon.  I felt that I had to shop local and support ALL local small mom and pop shops. That is until one night, late, or in the wee hours of the morning I could not sleep.  I was thinking of all the weeks leading up to Christmas. I was thinking how my boys were asking to set up the tree early and if I got all my shopping and wrapping done before Thanksgiving I could spend all of December getting little things for stockings. But the main shopping, when? When could I get it all done?

I was also trying to figure a specific day when I would ever start my Christmas shopping. Living out of town and in the country makes late night driving not so fun. And shopping, hauling in gifts, wrapping and hiding just felt like too, much. I did it. I wandered over to Amazon. I started searching for the things on my kids’ lists and before I knew it I was placing orders left and right. Even became a prime member. Even ordered the toilet paper I forgot to pick up at the grocery store.

Here are three reasons why online shopping is a good thing. ( Coming from someone who maybe ordered 3 things since online shopping started.)


  1. No, as in no impulse buying. I look at the items on each of my kid’s lists. I search for that item. I add to my cart and move onto the next things. Which of course leads to saving money, which leads to more gifts for family and friends. I had no idea how much impulse buying I have done in past years.  My kids know this because they actually tell me to NOT to get them things they do not need. But the moment I see that display that has nothing to do with what’s on the lists I buy five, one for each kid. And I even tell them to just re-gift if they don’t like all those impulse purchases NOT on their lists.

20171126_1113442. You might stumble at 3am to search for a supersize box of toilet paper. And order it. Which reason number two is really just those practical everyday things we use and never think to order online. I mean for real. Hauling that super size TP into a cart in the store then out to the car and then into the house….delivered to my front door. Believe me it did not stop at TP. I had been out of my favorite hand-lotion for months. The traffic in the Portland area makes me cringe. To think of driving to Nordstroms to buy. So what did I do….Amazoned it.  And I bought two. One for home and one for my handband.


3. Savings on products that actually do cost more at other stores. Because I am a seasoned shopper I was shocked to find things that were A LOT less at Amazon. Even beating out some of my favorite stores like Target. Bummer because I really do love Target.

My older kids swear by Amazon. And I have turned up my entrepreneur retail nose for over a decade. Today as I finish up this blog I am reporting that I have spent half, yes half of what I budgeted on what I spend from one year to the next on family and friends. I am shocked. I mean really really shocked at what I saved. I don’t just credit Amazon for great savings as I am sure there are many other buying sites to save on. I credit the three things I have learned.

Am I late on the online shopping wagon? No, you are never to late. But if you do have the time please first shop the small local stores. Give them your business. I know that I always appreciated my customers and every single dollar they  spent in my store. Time, work, and living way out in the country have changed my Christmas shopping habits and directed me to online buying.  Now guaranteed I will not change the habit of going to the malls on Christmas even, buying a special Christmas drink and sitting on a bench and watch the frenzy of last minute shopping.

I still have a number of $10.00-$20.00 gift items to buy. If you have a small boutique online shop then buy ( pun intended) all means, please direct me there.

Merry Christmas and happy shopping where ever you are.

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