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A New Food Critic

A New Food Critic in the making. Every time I go into a restaurant I always look at the artwork.  I always think that their budget must have been very slim because often it’s not quite the right fit of

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Now I Am Painting

It’s been a very busy few weeks. Getting ready for a glorious wedding party, family camp at the beach, managing two hoeseholds, walking, golfing and only once standing before a white canvas and pondering what to paint next. The artist

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Having Fun on TikTok

Not sure how I got there. Over 5K on TikTok. Come find me at @elizabethharrissss. In comments let me know you came over from my website.  Going to be doing more painting, more fun and everyday shares. Even more of

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Rainbow Story

Everyone has a, “Rainbow Story”. Plain and simple as that. We see them most while driving on the freeway with wide open spaces after a heavy rain. Sometimes if we are really lucky we see a double rainbow and shout

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