A New Food Critic

A New Food Critic in the making.

Every time I go into a restaurant I always look at the artwork.  I always think that their budget must have been very slim because often it’s not quite the right fit of artwork for the venue. Maybe it’s the interior designer in me. Tonight was different. Taking notes of the restaurant details turned towards my overall dining experience.

Earlier this week I received a message from Google. I qualified for a Google pin as an influencer. They are mailing me a cute little pin. It was suggested I wear it so businesses know. Know what? That I chat about my love affair of living life and talking about it.

My reviews, as amateur as they are, have received over 350k views. Is that good? Good enough to get an influencer pin in the mail.

Cork Tree Restaurant

Tonight we visited this restaurant, “Cork Tree.” Every little detail was superb. Even their serving cart. Let’s talk about a serving cart. It makes me think they value their employees. Saving them from carrying heavy trays of food in an awkward carrying position. This one detail alone gives high marks on employee care. Note adding this category to my newest role as a food critic.

The Rolling Cart A+

The next category is, “Creative Design.” Keep in mind I am making this up as I go.

The Rosemary Tree A+

I am really jealous of this idea in artful food presentation. I cook with fresh Rosemary and never thought to plant this sumptuous herb. Planted among a tower of spinach. Creative Design A+.

Food presentation is a visual decision. Does it look good? We decide this before ever taking a bite. Setting up the connection between brain and pallet with our eyes. Am I right? Let’s take a look. Look at this as the first entree and YOU tell me.

Scallops Are Looking Good

First we have Scallops on a bed of creamed butternut squash. Sauteed mushrooms and jellied pomegranate. Add these larger than life seared scallops. Reread this dish. Look at this picture. A+ is my score for Creative Design and taste.  Savory balance and flavor. The chef brought ourmt real food flavors blending all so well. This is the dish I chose. No take home tonight. Look at this close up. Delicious!!

My husband played golf this afternoon. Not really up for a big meal. He chose the chicken dish. He also chose this restaurant.

I love cooking. As a seasoned (pun intended) entertaining cook this dish gave life to a brilliant presentation of chicken. I had bites of moist chicken. MOIST CHICKEN PEOPLE!!! A creamy risotto paired with a tower of spinach. A saucy chicken. Truly a divine dish.

Little Touches- No Extra Charge A+

My husband always says then when presented with delicious bread and generous portions of butter, along with your water is a positive start to a dining experience. Cork Tree delivered just that. With no extra charge. Grading scale is another A+.

Perhaps as a self-appointed new food critic my scores are generous. This gem in Palm Desert is tucked in the front corner of Cook Street and Country Club in a shopping center with plenty of parking.

I asked the manager to come to our table. When he arrived I complimented him on our dining experience. He was most appreciative. A beautiful dining experience all around. Honorable mentions are our crab cakes and chopped wedge salad. We were hungry and started our dinner without thoughts of documenting.

Note to self: Going to make the scallops meal at home.

Thank you for reading. Happy dining.

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