What Is Your Now What?

What Is Your Now What?

What is your, “Now What?” A good question to ask at any age? You have goals,
dreams, plans, and once you knock these off your list, now what?

I have very silly now what’s that I vocalized to all my children. There were
things I chose to miss out on while raising five kids and running my own
business. I said for almost three decades the following. I am going to share
my, “Now What” thoughts.

  1. I am watching all the popular sitcoms, if they still have them when my kids are grown.

Let’s break this down. While I was planning all this and saying it out loud there was no streaming of TV shows from the past. I missed most of the popular ones because I was doing homework with kids, getting through bath times, reading stories and listening to their thoughts and ideas. By 9:00pm I would head down to my office to get caught up before the next day started. Let’s see… I have watched every episode of, “Greys Anatomy.” I now understand an entire generation talking about, “Mc Dreamy” and I get it.  I have watched every episode of “Friends” and I make it a point to watch all the Oscar winning movies for the past 30 years. Gone are the days of PBS in the afternoons and Hello Netlix. I tell my husband that I am going off to go and watch another show on Netflix. No one needs me. No one needs help with homework and that is fine.

2. I am going to eat any time of day.

I am a foody. I was called, “Food Face” when I was a kid. I am a suggestive eater. I was on the high-chair diet. ( Eat what your kids can’t finish).  I was on a teenager diet. (Pizza and ice-cream when friend come over. With five kids that had a lot of friends, pizza and ice-cream was often.)

I have stood in my kitchen countless times saying, “No What?” What on earth do I make for just one or two?  Cooking. I love cooking. I always wanted to open up my cookbooks and start from the beginning and work my way through. And I do just that. Cooking all the foods that little sillies will look at and cry. So far there have been no tears from my husband over food touching. We often have an afternoon snack. I am not stuck in assembly line lunch assembly for many.

3. I am going to have a paint studio wherever I go where I can leave everything out 24/7.

I have painted most of my life. Time and space did not allow for things to be left out for weeks. Typically, when I would paint, the dining room became art central. Then when a large group, holiday or party were on the calendar the make-shift art studio was boxed up. No longer does my creativity get put in a box. I have not one, but two art spaces that are permanent and truly I am so happy about this.

4. Turn my art business into a “REAL” business.

I have a solid resume of art. Painting anything that would hold paint. Painting pictures, murals on walls and canvas. It was always my garden to play in. A release of creative energies, or stress relief. One day without any thought I flipped this website into an all-inclusive website and many might think that was a bad idea and might confuse the google algorithm I was not about numbers or rhythms. I just knew this was my, “Now What” moment.

What is your, “Now What?” A good question to ask at any age? Take your goals. Say them out loud tell others about them. Make them your reality. We bring our goals to life when we give them air and words. Those dreams are closer than you think. Those years of raising kids, working, and juggling all those things I loved about being a mother and business owner were not always easy. I thought about my, “Now What’s” and dreamed about this season in my life.

Your “Now What?” can start long befor the kids are raised. Make plans. Baby step your life into your goals, dreams and plans. I never had formal plans. I just chatted about the future that was after raising kids.  

Be sure to watch on Friday’s my art tutorials. I am posting those Every Friday. Let’s make something beautiful together. It may not be on your, “Now What” list but it’s a start.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

Interior Designer, Consultant, Artist. Which is it they ask? All of the above. God has blessed me in ways that words cannot describe. Doing what I love and making a career out of it all. Starting with a beautiful designer showroom. Decorating homes and specializing in kid's spaces. Magazine covers and spreads, then show homes. Adding in business consulting. Working alongside my clients to develop a strategic plan to design and market their product or service in the correct markets. Then one day, after years of painting for my clients, a few gallies, my hobby business I decided in the second half of my life to bring Elizabeth Harris Art Gallery to life. I took my paintings to the streets and flipped my website into my "Art You Love" business. Do what you love and love what you do. Adding Elizabeth Harris Art Gallery and creating artful pieces for your home, office, business. An empty wall invites art you love by Elizabeth Harris Art Gallery. Your Dreams & Passions, My Experience & Help. Let's work together and build something beautiful in your home business, or on your walls.

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