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All The Images In My Head Start With A Blank Canvas

All The Images In My Head Start With A Blank Canvas. My brain is a Roledex of images filed away. My phone also helps with keeping those files organized. As I look to painting and creating different versions of who

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Now I Am Painting

It’s been a very busy few weeks. Getting ready for a glorious wedding party, family camp at the beach, managing two hoeseholds, walking, golfing and only once standing before a white canvas and pondering what to paint next. The artist

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Having Fun on TikTok

Not sure how I got there. Over 5K on TikTok. Come find me at @elizabethharrissss. In comments let me know you came over from my website.  Going to be doing more painting, more fun and everyday shares. Even more of

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Early Sunrise Home.

I took this picture on our way home. We left just after 6am to beat the traffic. It was a bit of a blinding few moments as the visors in the car we’re not able to block the direct sun.

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My Toolbox

I was cleaning up my work space and had a good chuckle. I have three different mason jars with over 25 paint brushes in each jar. One jar for fine brushes, another with medium brushes and another with larger brushes.

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I Want To LIKE You

I Want To LIKE You After my last blog post “Do You LIKE Me?  I realized that many readers from all over visit this blog. If you have a website, a blog, a facebook page and want to introduce it

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