Rainbow Story

“Rainbow Story” In Your Living Room

Everyone has a, “Rainbow Story”. Plain and simple as that. We see them most while driving on the freeway with wide open spaces after a heavy rain. Sometimes if we are really lucky we see a double rainbow and shout with glee, grab our phones and try to capture that unique and beautiful moment.

“Rainbow Story” Above Your Shelf

Every morning the sun shines into my bathroom. I have a rainbow welcoming me to a new day on the bathroom counter. A ray of sunshine hitting the elements of life and giving me this. Crazy that there is no artist but God himself giving me this rainbow.

My “Rainbow Story” starts every single morning.

My real, “Rainbow Story” began in the 70’s. It was peace signs and rainbows. Back in those days a rainbow represented God’s promise to never flood earth again. My Sunday school teacher told the story of, “Noah and the Ark”. The vibrant and bright colors were hummed to a song I also learned in Sunday school. It went like this.

“First there’s red and orangy too, then there’s yellow and green and blue. Last is purple and now you know all the colors of God’s rainbow.”

You never forget a song like that. The 70’s took me to the late 1970’s when I was apopted into a home with my OWN room. Being the middle of five kids I had never had my own room. Then my, “Rainbow Story” changed.

“Rainbow Story” Above Your Sofa

My, “Rainbow Story” was about decorating two twin beds as a teenager. With this bedding and an official, my own room, rainbow room. I was a church kid. The story of God’s promise was front and center growing up in the Pacific NW. Lots of rain and lots of rainbows.

My late 1970’s bedding.

Imagine two twin beds dressed in this darling rainbow bedding. Add in a rainbow pillow, a rainbow ring, a rainbow t-shirt. It was an era of color and design. There were not whispers of LGBTQ. Nothing of the sort. It was the start of my, “Rainbow Story” which was a new and safe home. My own bedroom. My new mom getting me the dream room I always wanted.

“Rainbow Story” In Your Favorite Space”

Then one day a select group coined the rainbow as part of their identity. In a Christian culture many of thought that our beautiful rainbow was hijacked by a culture that has fallen away from God. Yet if you really understood the Bible and Jesus you would know one important thing. Jesus loved people right where they are at. He showed up in the middle of the crowds, regardless of what story a perhaps had. Regardless of how they lived their lives. Jesus was right there loving people and offering a promise of hope and love.

“Rainbow Story” At Your Table.

My story of hope with a new family where I was safe. No longer afraid to go to sleep at night. Fearing a step-father who would come into your room and assualt you. A set of rainbow sheets was my story of hope. I grew up knowing Jesus. In the midst of crazy family abuse I was dreaming of a rainbow bedroom.

“Rainbow Story” Aboe Your Shelf

The beautiful story of a rainbow is something I am pretty sure we all have. We can all remember the last rainbow we saw in the sky. The rainbow representing a cultue, a Bible Story, a bedroom design, a drive on the freeway. We all have one. What is yours?

You can find “Rainbow Story” and all the Art You Love on my Art For Sale Tab.

Comment, share. Say hello. Let me know you, your thoughts and your, “Rainbow Story”.

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