Calm Desert

“Calm Desert” by Elizabeth Traub

“Calm Desert” is Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

“Calm Desert” is Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub.

The desert is a place of calm and rest for me. When I was in my early 40’s I imagined what calm and rest might look like once the kids were grown up and no longer needed mommy to remind them to brush their teeth, or where clean cloths. At that time I had all five kids living at home. Driving to school every morning, working while the kids were in school. Then picking kids up from school. Afternoon activities. Sporting events in the evenings. Sneaking in more work hours after the kids were in bed.

I loved every busy moment of those days. Yet like every busy parent there are those wandering thoughts of what we want our lives to be like when they grow up. I have said for years that I am going to take a few years and watch every movie I was to tired to go and see. I would catch up on the sitcoms that everyone was talking about, and read all the books I bought and started. I would get a tan, and play more golf and tennis and paint more. I would extend my walks to 4 miles instead of the quick two I might be able to get in.

I met a man whom I had known many years before. We started dating and that lead to an intentional relationship. He brought me to the desert. The calm of retirement days to come. One afternoon we were on a hike. I thought of the calm my life is now. I cannot imagine how I managed those busier days but those days are behind me. And I am here in the, “Calm Desert”.

Although the tones of the desert are more hues of grays and browns my version is in subtle brighter colors. Isn’t that what abstract painting is all about? My visual interpretation, through my experiences and my thoughts. Amen and Glorybe I love this piece.

Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

This piece is available in various sizes. Please note that the digital picture is as close to the colors as the original. There will always be a slight variation.

Each print is a beautiful Gallery Wrapped Canvas with attached sawtooth hook ready to hang. I have a number of frame options which we can discuss at time of order.

Once you place your order a letter of authenticity will be emailed to you along with your order. Payment in full is required to place your order.

You can Venmo @Elizabeth-Traub or Use my Square app with your credit card

If you are a gallery, furniture store, or consignment shop and would like to order at a discount there is a minimum of 5 pieces. I would love to help you choose the right pieces for your showroom. I would also love to paint exclusive pieces for your showroom.

Please email: OR Text: 503-686-1109 if you have questions or would like a custom size quote.

Every week I am adding new pieces. If you have a color and design and would like a custom piece the designer in me would love to work with you.

If you are interested in learning more how to market your artful creations I would love to help. I have worked with artists and authors for many years.  Teaching you how to manage the business side of your business.

Some people eat their emotions. I paint mine.

Have a wonderful day, Elizabeth

Art You Love is filling your spaces & places in every corner of your home. Elizabeth uses the highest quality of Acrylic Paints, Gallery Wrapped Canvas. Custom size & order to fit your space. Large or small pieces. #ArtYouLove in every room.

Interior Designer, Consultant, Artist. Which is it they ask? All of the above. God has blessed me in ways that words cannot describe. Doing what I love and making a career out of it all. Starting with a beautiful designer showroom. Decorating homes and specializing in kid's spaces. Magazine covers and spreads, then show homes. Adding in business consulting. Working alongside my clients to develop a strategic plan to design and market their product or service in the correct markets. Then one day, after years of painting for my clients, a few gallies, my hobby business I decided in the second half of my life to bring Elizabeth Harris Art Gallery to life. I took my paintings to the streets and flipped my website into my "Art You Love" business. Do what you love and love what you do. Adding Elizabeth Harris Art Gallery and creating artful pieces for your home, office, business. An empty wall invites art you love by Elizabeth Harris Art Gallery. Your Dreams & Passions, My Experience & Help. Let's work together and build something beautiful in your home business, or on your walls.

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