I Wrote This Post on Facebook

“Clear Blue Breezy” by Elizabeth Traub

I wrote this post on Facebook…

“A couple of years ago I had a client that had to have a six week turn around for what would normally have taken six months to build his presence in social media. I did it. I worked around the clock and put in six months of work into six weeks. I challenged myself at the end of April to do the same with my art business. I decided if I did it for a real client I could be my own client and do it. And guess what… two people reviewed my website Only 3 typos. My stats have improved 483% on my website. I have galleries interested in showing my work and sales in the books.

If I had told a client I could deliver that in less than six weeks I would be a rock star. Today, I am thanking God for a brain, and the ability to work this out. I am also thankful for Gordon, my kids and my friends who are my cheerleaders.

“Adaptable” by Elizabeth Traub

I am working on the final goal of having a click/buy on my website. Which typing this now is pure avoidance because that is the non-fun part of setting up an online business. I have no idea how to do it but I am going to read, research and figure it out. If you do that kind of thing you are more than welcome to reach out to me.”

Today is Tuesday and I truly am feeling like a rock start. I placed a very large order yesterday. Almost 2K in Gallery Wrapped prints. After testing through friends, family, social media and orders I have a handle on what is going to be my better selling pieces. It does not hurt that I had my own designer retail store and know how to both buy and sell. I am going to visit a number of galleries and want to have the stock on hand to say, “Here you go, you can show.” That will be my sales pitch. Maybe.

I looked at my notes this morning of the past six weeks. Like a mad scientist working out every detail of my business. I wrote it in an outline form and I am following it daily. My learning curve is now down to one hour on a new art piece and how I present it on social media. How I am going to market that piece and get some traction which leads to sales. It started out as 5 hours to get all the details worked out in social media, posting, writing, and adding to my website, and my blogs and oh boy. The hair pulling part is almost over.

“Blue Thoughts” by Elizabeth Traub

As I said in the above post that I posted on Facebook I am now working on the click buy. I bought the package. Added it this website and am now going to figure it out. I had to choose. Buy the art pieces or buy a person to set up my click buy system. Wish me luck. I am going to need it.

If you are reading this, and you are an artist struggling to figure out your social media, your language, your posting schedule I would love to help. I know how frustrating it can be. And being my own client I have learned so much. It’s one thing to have clients in brand and marketing that I can hep and build and grow. Very different being my own client. Which is basically artist typically their own clients trying to navigate for themselves. A very different process and I can help you.

Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

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