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Sometimes all the elements of color, design and balance splash onto the canvas. Then the name hits you. And “Harrison” just happened. I was thinking about a name change, soon to be married to a Harris. Asking myself if Harris

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Timing is every whether intended or unintended. Ever have a situation where you were at the right place at the right time? You were inspired to show up and just be there. Someone said, “go” and you did. You were

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“Your Secrets”

The play room holds all, “Your Secrets”. Every room of your house holds all your secrets and in some cases a lot of dust, too. I was painting this piece and thinking of people who have a lot of secrets.

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Creative Sister

  Oh my goodness gracious me oh my it truly is creative. Much like with my own sisters.  There are four of us girls. The last of us girls just turned 50.  We grew up in a time when all

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Dear Americans, Do we want fast, cheap and easy?

On January 6, 2017 The Wall Street Journal reporters, By SUSAN PULLIAM, SARAH NASSAUER and RICHARD RUBIN “Retailers Risk Multibillion-Dollar Earnings Hit Under GOP Tax Plan” The article basically addresses, “A Republican proposal aimed at cutting tax rates and keeping jobs in the U.S.

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Customer Experiece Will Cost You

In order for  your business to thrive in today’s world of frenzy, you will have to reinvent your idea of what that customer experience really is.  If you want to go after that customer, guess what it WILL cost you.

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