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Image may contain: tree, house, plant and outdoorOh my goodness gracious me oh my it truly is creative. Much like with my own sisters.  There are four of us girls. The last of us girls just turned 50.  We grew up in a time when all you had to play with was what you could find in the garage, the woodpile, the gutter, the ditch or whatever you could trade on the grade school play ground. I have to say that us girls were in fact “Creative Sister(s)”. My sisters and I have absolutely nothing to do with “Creative Sister” this month’s business spotlight.


One day, as in today, I walked into this darling little boutique. I am still a BIG fan of the local small mom and pop retail business. In this case it is just ma and she is gangster with creating stuff. The kind of stuff that make for great gifts, great treasures and home decor accents. Wendy’s right there creating in her shop. And believe me when I say….WOW!!!

So let’s talk about retail. Let’s talk about this “Business Spotlight”.  I visited with Wendy Malcomsom, the creator and owner. At first she apologized for the BIG table full of all kind of metal collectables. After all what is a girl to do with all this stuff during her shop hours? Create! Duh!! I excused her contained, organized mess. Assuring here that I love walking into a creative shop and seeing the artist at work.   I may have spelled “Bug” while she waited on a customer.


Blurred a bit as an artful attempt at nuts and bolts art.

“Creative Sister” is nestled in the quaint little town known as “Old-town Sherwood” or is “Sherwood Old-town”?  I am new to this area and I hear the locals reference both. Creative Sister is tucked in a little old house and filled with her creative inspirations.


Perhaps “Yum” is in order at your breakfast table.

What is it about the art of the small retailer?  Is the small retailer still viable?  Let’s start with a story. What is her story?  Without prying I did learn a few things about her story.  I learned that Wendy has a mini Labradoodle named Charlie who is with her daily. I learned that she is a single mom. I learned that Wendy once worked in the health industry and turned to her creative space in her brain. Had this crazy idea, ( because that is what our family always says when we decide to step into the unknowns of retail), started collecting and finding  unique pieces of this and that. “That” then being transformed into lovely wood and metal gifts and home decor. I am pretty sure that her glue gun and drill get a lot of use on a daily basis. Each piece that Wendy creates tells her story. A story of wandering long hours and finding the right stuff to create with. Her story of collecting may have gone a bit on the wild side. One day Vicki Norris, local organizing expert walked into Creative Sister and thought a make over was in order. Here is that story.

I happen to be at an evening gathering last October where Wendy told her story of retail. The struggles, the pains, the hard stuff. Wendy began to doubt her decision of owning and running her own shop. Vicki Norris turned that doubt into hope. Sometimes we need that vote of confidence from an outsider. Like a SIGN from a God. And since that time Wendy has been making lots of signs.


Taking every day stuff and creating a new look and purpose.

Wendy is in her shop Thurs-Sun creating. Making ordinary things once tossed aside and adding new zip and zing. Like these vintage jars. Need a pop of color in your kitchen or office. These jars can hold  your desk accessories, wooden spoons on your kitchen counter, or even craft supplies in your crafting space. Even someone creative like me, looks at these jars and thinks…”I will take all three jars.”


Simple statements with color

Supporting your local shop is more important today than ever. Why?  It’s not the fast cheap and easy stuff that makes a difference. We are still a culture that takes pride in the arts. We still want to touch, feel, and learn about the story behind the shop or that special piece made. Your dollars support the economy of small business. Our streets appear to be thriving when the retail spaces are full. Take your walk during lunch and visit “Creative Sister.” Take a few minutes before getting your kids from school to stop in. Think of this darling shop the next time you want a gift.  Think of this shop the next time you are looking at empty spaces on your shelves or walls. With her vintage accents, you will be surprised at how quickly you get lost in the creativity that fills this delicious space.

I thought about this picture below. I thought what a wonderful gift this entire collection would make. Serving breakfast to your guests on a tray with gifts they can leave with. We are talking Mimosa’s in those goblets right? Followed by a shot of espresso.


What a wonderful collection of gifts.

I am both thrilled and excited to see what Wendy creates next. You can keep up with Wendy and Creative Sister here on Facebook. Bring in a swatch of fabric, a favorite home accent that Wendy may create in the colors that work best in your home. Special Orders on creativity is an added bonus to shopping local.

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