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Marguret by Elizabeth Harris Art

“Marguret is the first piece, this season to paint and finish in Palm Desert. I was thinking of my childhood friend, “Marguret.” Wrapped in my thoughts of gradeschool I thought it ony perfect to honor her with a piece named after her. It may have been over 47 years since I last saw her but our memories of play still shaped part of who I am today. Marguret and I would climb this tall pine tree in her backyard. It looked over a little street. We’d sit high on our perch and spy on the people below. We thought we were clever and unsee. Until one day Mrs. Olcott waved up and said, “Hello girls.” Her grandma also let us have sleep overs in their camper-trailer. She’d give us books, treats, and flashlights.

Marguret by Elizabeth Harris Art

“Margaret” is an abstract masterpiece meticulously designed for your favorite room, serving as a stunning interior design accent. The aqua blues and browns in this artwork come together in perfect harmony, creating an ambiance of serenity and sophistication. The cool aqua blues evoke a sense of tranquility and balance, while the warm browns add a touch of earthiness and comfort to the space.

The focal point of “Margaret” lies in its exquisite circles, each one a distinct work of art within the larger composition. The circles seem to dance across the canvas, leading the eye on a visual journey filled with intrigue and wonder. These circular shapes could symbolize the cyclical nature of life or represent the interconnectedness of various elements in our world. In the memoris of my youth with a childhood friend, these circles represent the continutation of life.

Marguret by Elizabeth Harris Art

Many of us pre social media and cell phones lost contact with our grade school friends. It’s an honor to use my paintings and name them in honor of my favorite friends.

In your favorite room, “Margaret” takes center stage, drawing the gaze of anyone who enters. It’s a conversation piece, a source of inspiration, and a powerful statement of your impeccable taste in art and interior design. This abstract painting transforms your space into a sanctuary of beauty and creativity, making it an integral part of your personal oasis. “Margaret” is not just a painting; it’s a reflection of your unique style and a testament to the power of art to elevate our living spaces.

You can order “Marguret” in custom sizes and framing. Please contact me directly if you don’t see your size on listed on my website. Here is a link to purchase: Marguret

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