“The Intersection”

“The Intersection” Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

Today was one of those hard days of painting. Thinking, processing, quiet, music, coffee, water, and Gordon through the glass door, out another glass door that is our front outdoor area. It’s like we are together but removed by doors and glass because we can see each other and talk through this room. And even though I am having a hard day my day is brightened by his energy and joy. I keep painting out my thoughts, my prayers and my heart on situations that I have no control over. Situations that lead to hard choices being made. Standing at some kind of unknown cross road and asking the questions which way. No maps. No GPS just standing at, “The Intersection” of choices that will affect your life today.

"The Intersection" Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub
“The Intersection” Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

I am carrying some heavy mama heart things. Between my kids and his kids we have eight to love and care for. Additoanally a beautiful daughter-in-love and grandson. Adult friendships that I cherish with each one. A listening ear when calls are made. Some days I have to step into my studio and do lots of praying and lots of thinking while I am painting. Today was one of those days. I tried to paint. And then I scrapped it. Which every artist knows is lots of wasted time and paint. Then I did a pour and with the colors loved it, then didn’t love it and scrapped it. More waisted paint. The color values were not stretching across the canvas as I had hoped. My painting energy connected to a dear one of my own. “The Intersection” of big decisions and here I am doing the same as I paint. Not really where to take my painting and my art this day.

Then I thought, pull some of your favorite colors and just make it happen. And this happened. And I love it. And this dear one pulled together favorite humans to come along side to help make those hard decisions. No longer at, “The Intersection” alone.

“The Intersection” named by Mark Caton

I could not come up with a name. I went to Facebook to ask my community. One person, Mark Caton, offered this name, “The Intersection”. There were many great names offered, but the minute I read his choice I knew this piece was going to be named. It’s always intersting to see what I come up with when my heart is heavy. Today my heart is heavy. The details are important. Today those details are poured out onto the canvas praying for my kids. Praying that God would be present in the process because at the end of the day. He truly knew this day. H knows the beginning, middle and end.

“The Intersection” Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

Wherever you are in your story please know that God is with you. I truly know God’s presence in my own life in hard situations. Facing the realities presented and asking God that others would see HIM in me. Seeing God in the middle of pain. Seeing God in the middle of a hard chapter of our story. Today God showing up and giving me peace in praying knowing that we are going to see HIM because he knows, “The Intersection” of life you are facing.

You can purschase this piece is up for sale on my selling page. Add this to your gallery, home, or any space or place in your home.

Have a wonderful day, Elizabeth

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