“Calli” by Elizabeth Traub

This painting was inspired by a sunset that I had taken off my daughter’s Instagram story. Inspiration does not always equal painting the exact image you see in the picture. It’s about that deep soulful feeling you want to put on a canvas with colors that were inspired. I am in California as I write this. When I was in grade school my friend Karyn had moved up from California. She always referred to California as, “Calli” and here I am calling this piece, “Calli”.

Beautiful sunrise shared by my daughter. Inspires “Calli”.

I love social media. I love how it allows me to follow all five of my children in the events throughout their week. We are all on a family text and much information about their lives and personal stories comes through the family text. Their social media shares are the ones that I love the most. It captures each of them in a moment of time. Capturing what they are seeing and appreciating. My daughter, like me, loves what nature gives. She shares often her walks and talks with nature. I love that about her.

(She is @emilytheott on IG and TikTok. Follow here. You will truly be inspired.)

Find a corner in your room & add “Calli” by Elizabeth Traub

Being outdoors fuels her soul. When I saw the picture of a sunrise I knew I had to figure out how to capture those colors on my canvas. I am not a good transfer of color when it comes with a picture. I am good at transferring how a picture makes me feel and what I want to see on the canvas. The feelings of color do not always transfer the way a picture looks.

“Calli” by Elizabeth Traub

It isn’t so much that I felt that I needed to capture all the colors that the picture holds but it’s what the picture does to my soul. How I want to sit down and gather my colors and create some earthy tones on my canvas with bright spots. At the rise of the Sun those earthy tones got me all giddy and excited to paint. Sitting in my make-shift art studio in California. I love how this turned out.

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