Suzie Q How I Love You

"Suzie Q" by Elizabeth Traub
“Suzie Q” by Elizabeth Traub

“Suzie Q How I Love You” is more about how to repurpose a painting with a really good story around it. The friendship and love I have for one of my favorite humans, my younger sister Suzie. Inspires this post. In most of our childhood pictures it is the two of us. Although there were four girls and a boy in our family we found the deepest friendship with each other.

Suzie about to push me down the slide.

My sister Suzie loves collecting wine. She has a number of wine clubs she belongs to. She has racks of lovely wine bottles that she generously shares with each guest. She even brings some of her favorite bottles when she comes to visit. In this case she came to visit and not only did she bring the wine, she brought also brought items to contribute to my garage sale. One of those items was a painting she painted from a painting club. It was heavy, dark, and flat. She agreed that it was not appealing. Thus the garage sale item it became. At the end of the sale, there it was just a blank canvas to me. Painting in dark mismatched hues. Yet somehow I thought I could make something of it.

Let’s go back to the 1960’s. Look how cute Suzie is with her pig tails.

When I decided to resurrect this piece I never thought to take a before picture. What I did know is that I wanted to somehow fade out the wine glass shape to be a very subtle accent. Look closely at the picture. Do you see the wine glasses. Almost in a way saying, “Cheers” to sisterhood.

"Suzie Q" by Elizabeth Traub
Cheers to sisterhood and friendship with “Suzie Q” by Elizabeth Traub.

As I was painting this I thought of Suzie and the past eight years of her life. She became a widow in summer of 2013. From diagnosis to death her husband died in less than ten months of ALS. A very sudden and tragic disease. Her life of skiing on Tuesdays, nails on Wednesdays, kayaking on the weekends and her weekly Nordstrom shopping trips and serving the special needs kids in a high school all while raising their only son changed in one year.

“Suzie Q” by Elizabeth Traub

She became a hard working girl. Struggling to make ends meet. Then in less than 5 years becoming the top sales person with a national brand company. Now eight years later enjoying her life, her beautiful home, and the friendships she has, mine included.

“Suzie Q” by Elizabeth Traub

Life takes us on journey of unexpected loss. Her journey was not easy. She took up wine collecting, and other various things in her life that make it so fun to be her sister.

50+ years later with sister Suzie.

Cheers to the sisterhood of inspired art pieces. Cheers to learning and growing in the friendships we have. Cheers to selling Art You Love.

“Suzie Q” by Elizabeth Traub

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Have a wonderful day. ~ Elizabeth

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