Crazy, Fun & Exciting

It’s, “Crazy, Fun, & Exciting” to think about how I set out to become my own client. I turned a brand & marketing website into an art gallery. It was not easy, but this place is starting to look like a real designer art gallery.

“Crossing Pink & Blue” by Elizabeth Traub

It was less than four months ago this website spent the past ten years as my business branding and development site.

“Serendipitous” by Elizabeth Traub

You can find years of blogging on the thoughts and ideas on branding, marketing, social media and all things to do with business. Now an online art gallery? Really? You are here. You are reading. It really happened.

“Walking Tree in the Fall” by Elizabeth Traub

I am still working on a referral basis with my work in helping build and grow business, products and people in the efforts of marketing. The truth is very few of my clients found me through my business website. I never really took my website serious unless I had a story to tell. I enjoyed playing on it, writing but my work was away from my own website.

“Tell Me Something” by Elizabeth Traub

When you are referred by a client they do the talking for you which lead to new business. I am grateful and thankful for that. But now TA-DA an online art gallery which requires me to be in this website daily working myself silly.

“Blue Thoughts” by Elizabeth Traub

When I starting thinking of my art business I jumped in, rewrote, revamped and rebuilt this website to actually gain a following, customers and sales. After all that is what I have been doing for years for other people. I told myself, “Elizabeth your are my 80k client. Give her your best.”

It has been a long few months of being both the artist and the marketing team. Here I am and truly it’s, “Crazy, Fun & Exciting” to begin to see the fruits of my labors. I am self-funding this business venture. Thus I am carrying all the workings in and around the creative design, artful ideas and business savvy.

“Sweet Conditions” by Elizabeth Traub

I wish I could hand hold every artist that has reached out to me asking for help, asking all the questions on how to market and brand their business. Oh boy. If only they had the time I have been blessed to have. Hours a day.

“Franny” is Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

Very few people see the hours behind the scenes. Some days 12 hours. I get this and understand this having worked in marketing. Yes it does come easier when you know the steps, the time, and have ideaphoria off the charts.

“Return To Color”

Yes, “Crazy, Fun & Exciting”

Join me, follow along and let’s have fun. I am still passing along marketing tips through this blog. Sharing ideas on art and whatever comes to my mind. Come back often and read. Share some ideas and thought, too.


All Art You Love can be ordered  framed, unframed or a custom size in a beautiful

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print.

You may call me 503-686-1109 or email me



Interior Designer, Consultant, Artist. Which is it they ask? All of the above. God has blessed me in ways that words cannot describe. Doing what I love and making a career out of it all. Starting with a beautiful designer showroom. Decorating homes and specializing in kid's spaces. Magazine covers and spreads, then show homes. Adding in business consulting. Working alongside my clients to develop a strategic plan to design and market their product or service in the correct markets. Then one day, after years of painting for my clients, a few gallies, my hobby business I decided in the second half of my life to bring Elizabeth Harris Art Gallery to life. I took my paintings to the streets and flipped my website into my "Art You Love" business. Do what you love and love what you do. Adding Elizabeth Harris Art Gallery and creating artful pieces for your home, office, business. An empty wall invites art you love by Elizabeth Harris Art Gallery. Your Dreams & Passions, My Experience & Help. Let's work together and build something beautiful in your home business, or on your walls.

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