Do Reach, Mentions, and Following Matter? It does to Hilton Honors.

Screenshot 2015-04-01 14.06.48I have not spent hours online figuring out what all the chatter is about and why I really matter, or you matter for that matter.  I do understand that “reach” “mentions” and “following” do in fact matter. Especially to companies trying to drop that flyer/ad/message into the virtual mailbox’s of online media. Just this week, while writing this blog post, I get my weekly update. Take a look at that reach. That 4M+ is something brands are attracted to.

Screenshot 2015-04-01 14.06.48                                                                                         Imagine dropping a flyer in 4 million mailboxes.(Which is viewed as old-school methods.) We may not know who picked it up and read it, but we do know it made it.  How do I know these kinds of numbers matter?  I have a host of companies contacting me to tweet, shout, and share their information, their brand and their promotions. I get a host of products in the mail that I give away and sometimes keep, Sometimes I take pictures of the products with the intention of using the product and then writing about it. Today is Hilton Hotel’s lucky day.

Hilton Hotels, Hilton Honors

The reality for me is that my time and my chatter do matter. There is value to the tune of dollar signs.   I am happy among my online friends to help support their efforts. There is this unspoken code of ethics in this online space. You help me out and I will help you out. And those whom I genuinely know, in both real time, face time and online I am truly happy to support if my time allows.  In supporting some of my favorite brands and friends in business I have received very well paid gigs clients, and business.  I very much appreciate the referrals and recommendations.

The week of the 2015 Grammys was bittersweet for me. My dear friend Bryan Moore is a Social Media Strategist working alongside the entertainment industry and generous in inviting his friends into all things fun and social. Bryan extended an invite to spend a week with Vanity Fair Social Club ( #VFSC) leading up to Grammy night. Invites to all the parties, special events, more parties and the finale of rubbing shoulders with those on the red carpet. Not to mention all the amazing music, and hanging out with all the cool people.  This was very hard to say no to. This was not my first invitation. It was my second and I am not sure there will be a 3rd invite. ( If you are reading Bryan, please keep inviting me.)  I had family vacation backed up to business trips already scheduled and committed to. Priorities, are sometimes very hard.

grammysDuring the night of the Grammys I caught some fun tweets from @HiltonHotels I am a Hilton Honors member and  started tweeting the fun of The Grammys with them.  It was hard to not be there live, but the next best thing is hopping online and chatting with everyone about the excitement of this years’ music favorites. Imagine how excited I was when Hilton tweeted me wanting to know if I wanted a full CD of all the nominees for the 2015 Grammy Awards. I was very excited. After all I do work in the music industry. One of my business’s is Roslyn Music Group, and I do a lot of listening. I was going ga-ga that Hilton would want to send me a CD. Although I am a Hilton Honors member, I know full well that this is not just an act of kindness, but an act of marketing brilliance for Hilton to tweet and send me this CD.  Why?

20150330_101205At first I was not sure, but provided my address, and true to their promise this lovely CD came in the mail. I have listened over and over to my favorites as have my kids. I went online, followed the instructions, provided my code to hopefully get VIP tickets to the 2016 Grammy Awards.  Sadly my code did not qualify.  That does not mean I toss the CD in the garbage and grumble. I got something super cool that I love, from a Hotel I am staying in at least 10x a year. If tweeting and being social matter, than this girls got the chatter.

20150330_101047Reach, mentions, and following do matter, even for Hilton Hotels. Having people tweet and share and keeping their hotels on the frontal lobe, and fingers of viewers is advertising.  This post cost them a few tweets and some postage. I was not asked to blog, or tweet, or do anything but the suggestion of going online to see if I might be a winner.  I can not promise this blog will reach more than 4 million people, or even 4 people for that matter. It may reach a few people who note that Hilton is fun.

In closing, those of you who are active on social media, be intentional with your conversations. Take an interest in the things you love and get to know your following.  Build that following around like minded people and get involved in campaigns that you love. You may not make that big pay check today, but as you build and grow, there are those who matter who invite you into their chatter. Cheers!!!  Elizabeth

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