“Holistic Essentials” hits The Dalles, OR

2015-04-13 14.35.44       I may NOT be heading into Portland to get the kind of whole foods I enjoy. I mean why drive 84 miles into the city? Why?  Well, I am so glad you asked.  You see I have lived in this beautiful resort town called The Dalles for over a year and half. The small community streets stocked with a few national convenience stores, grocery stores, and discount grocery stores. There is no one store committed to providing the basics for healthful living exclusively. I was a Whole Foods, New Season’s and Trader Joe’s snob. That is if you call mindful eating snobbish.  That kind of  selective shopping has had me driving into Portland and stocking up. And when the weather is a rain storm, which is often on that drive into Portland, my options are limited.   Which is painful as I want and desire to support local business.  Up until a few weeks ago, there was nothing.  That is until this lovely store popped up.

2015-04-15 13.43.35

Holistic Essentials” is this weeks Business Spotlight, highlight and pure good for you delight.  Imagine my surprise when I walked into this well stocked store.  There is my friend Amanda Ramey.  She is the owner of this deliciously beautiful little shop. Last I saw Amanda she was a few weeks from delivering her 3rd little girl, who is now 8 months old.  Which is about the time I opened Skip To My Room, so while she is adding a 3rd child, and planning a new shop, my pallet has been craving what is known today as “organic” and “holistic” kinds of foods which are essential for really healthful living. I highlight this as I have been feeding my kids for 27 years as a mother. Twenty-seven years ago it was called food, and good food. Now that machines, chemicals, and commerce have stepped in, it’s hard to find what our bodies need and crave. What my body and my family needs and craves. Here is the start of my shopping. 2015-04-13 14.40.46

I am not a photographer, and pride myself more in great finds than my picture taking skillllzzzzz.. As I looked over these pictures posted, my stomach starting rumbling and my 2nd order, this week, of a Spinach, Kale and Blueberry smoothie is ordered. Did someone say take out lunch?  Or you can sit outside and enjoy the beautiful sunshine and take a break to visit yourl friends as they pass by. 2015-04-13 14.41.10Holistic Essentials is a natural market.  Filled with juices, fresh fruits and vegetables, local dairy and eggs. Lots of nutrient dense snacks, essential oils, and herbs.  They also have cleaning products, gifts, candles and soaps from from local artisans.  They have a fresh lunch menu, and if you love fast, quick and easy then forget the drive through and stop here first. They have ready made lunch items to go. And a freezer full of yummy treats, too. Pricing….well if you are in the habit of being a bit more discerning of what goes into your body, you may “think” you are paying more. I walked out with four bags and spent $64.17 on the basics I buy every week.

I might be saving a bit more as I typically spend twice that at a chain grocery store, carrying out the same amount of bags. My gas and time, from frequent trips to Portland is also a huge savings for me. My kids gravitate to what’s in stock in my cupboards. Seeing them have more healthy options and choosing their snacks well gives this crazy busy working mom peace of mind.

This is a local family in The Dalles, OR. I know family business well as my kids grew up alongside me. Two, just today working in my store.  When you visit this market you will see Amanda there with her three girls. Her oldest, Aby,  assisted me with product knowledge that was very impressive for a nine year old girl. 2015-04-13 14.36.20

I asked Amanda what made her jump into this business and her answer was plane and simple, “I always had the passion to have a market that sold natural products that you could buy locally.”  I love her. There are many, like myself, driving out of town to shop the way we love in search of giving ourselves the best kind of fuel. Thank you Amanda for jumping into this. I know you will do very well as news gets out. Cheers to great food in The Dalles, OR.

Be sure to head on over to Facebook and LIKE Holistic Essentials  page. They do a great job of sharing their selections of what they carry in this darling market. Cheers to great shopping and eating.

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2 comments on ““Holistic Essentials” hits The Dalles, OR
  1. I’m certainly not close enough to shop there, Elizabeth, but I LOVE shops like this!

    Tell her if she can get Wallaby’s Organic yogurt, it’s to die for. (Key Lime in their Australian style is my fave and their Greek Yogurt vanilla bean is a must).

    Since this is in your neck of the woods–at least it’s west coast–she may already know about: http://www.mountainroseherbs.com I know they sell wholesale. It’s where I get many of my herbs and spices and all kinds of cool stuff and have for years.

    Great article, my west coast friend! :)

    • Vickie, Thanks so much for reading. I will pass this along. There has been such a need for something like this, and I want to support all her efforts to bring such a nice market in our small neck of the woods. ~elizabeth

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