Reminder of “New Beginnings”

“New Beginnings” Series

I painted this series last Spring. It was a season of, “New Beginnings”. I even blogged about it. I find that the changes in the seasons often spark, “New Beginnings” for many people.

Do you feel it? Do you notice your moods shift? Do you get anxious? Do you start new things?

“New Beginnings” starting here.

For the past couple of weeks I have felt off. I reminded myself that I tend to have these shifts with the season changes. Summer to Fall is the greatest shift for me.

I have to work hard every day to wake up, move and remind myself of my purpose in this world.

We all have a purpose and the rest of the year I am confident and certain of who I am. It’s just this Summer to Fall transition seems to affect me in ways that have me working extra hard to be me.

“New Beginnings”

Spending some time in Palm Desert, sunshine and sitting at my desk balance me back into the summer weather. A new season all over again.

Coffee & Painting

Sitting, reflecting, thinking, and sipping my coffee I like to reflect on things I will be starting, doing, and working on. “New Beginnings” happen with the start of each day  Taking a different path on your walk, to work or school. Trying a new coffee shop, seeing new faces. Around each corner of life there is something new waiting for you  to discover.

I worked on the following pieces the past two weeks. Mixing up my favorite colors. Bright, cheery and fun. Be ready…photo dump up next….

My style and colors of painting will be changing a bit as I start implementing home interior colors for 2022. That will be one of my old styles becoming my new style. Yet another, “New Beginnings” moment for me and my artful process.

Take time to reflect on the new things you will learn, discover and experience. Life is beautiful with you it.

Have a wonderful day!

Just chilling at the pool.

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