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In 2011 I read a book called, “If You Can Talk, You Can Write” By Joel Saltzman. I thought it was fascinating. Through the many stories, events, and excitement my life seems to have been stories have been told through countless blogs and social media platforms. I can talk, but writing? Is it true that, “If You Can Talk, You Can Write?”  Is the person currently running your online messaging a great speaker? Can they chat up YOUR story away from a computer? Do they have what it takes to have strategic chatter that is going to matter?  This picture, an attempt at costuming up for a Roaring 20’s Party. How is this relevant to this post. The chatter around your business is going to matter whether in images or written stories and messaging. We are heading into the 20’s a century later and you definitely want your business roaring.

Many businesses face the daily challenges of telling their story. Advertising is no longer that one great tag line that carries a company for the next year. It’s all about creating content, messaging, stories and sharing in both written text and images that will attract your customers. Chatter is going to matter more in 2020 than ever before. Are you ready?

If your website and social sites are not telling the same story your customers are going to be confused. Here is the dilemma for many companies. They hire the tech savvy person to run their social platforms with great messaging, telling YOUR story, and sharing what is the best of your best.   Your company provides the information and you are off and running. In that off and running process there is no real change in your business and you begin to question if the expense and efforts are worth the dollars going out but not the dollars coming in.

There is a lost art in understanding the strategy behind the chatter. The design of content, telling your story, and seeing that the underbelly of your efforts is all connected.  In today’s culture of advertising it is not enough to just be talking.   There has to be a well written strategy to integrate all your content with your best. If you can talk, you can write, and you can be your best. But if you cannot talk and write then you need to hire someone who can.

I would love to help set your company on a path of strategic chatter that is going to matter in 2020.  Let’s get those roaring 20’s off to a strong start.  I can do a complete analysis of your online efforts and how they integrate with your offline efforts. In doing so I can provide a strategic plan to fit your budget. it may not be the roaring 20’s but 2020 is coming and it’s time to set you company on a path to success. If you would like to speak with me, Elizabeth Traub, please take a moment to fill out the contact form and we can set up an appointment.

Interior Designer, Consultant, Artist. Which is it they ask? All of the above. God has blessed me in ways that words cannot describe. Doing what I love and making a career out of it all. Starting with a beautiful designer showroom. Decorating homes and specializing in kid's spaces. Magazine covers and spreads, then show homes. Adding in business consulting. Working alongside my clients to develop a strategic plan to design and market their product or service in the correct markets. Then one day, after years of painting for my clients, a few gallies, my hobby business I decided in the second half of my life to bring Elizabeth Harris Art Gallery to life. I took my paintings to the streets and flipped my website into my "Art You Love" business. Do what you love and love what you do. Adding Elizabeth Harris Art Gallery and creating artful pieces for your home, office, business. An empty wall invites art you love by Elizabeth Harris Art Gallery. Your Dreams & Passions, My Experience & Help. Let's work together and build something beautiful in your home business, or on your walls.

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