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“There is a wealth of knowledge that can spin off of one well thought out and intentional share on your social platforms. Make it a good one. #SavvySocialTip #marketing #entrepreneur #socialintelligence #socialbusiness “
In the past six years I have received some very nice pieces of business through Twitter. Of all places, Twitter. A platform that is linked to my personal Facebook account. A platform that I share both personal and professional content. I have been asked over the years how my Twitter account has grown. It’s been slow and steady. I have spent the least amount of time on my Facebook page. However in the past week I am jump-starting that one. I have used Facebook pages for my clients and know how to navigate and grow, but my business has predominately been referral business thus no need to really spend time on Facebook pages. I have always used Twitter for quick tweets and engagement. I sent potential clients to view my website to learn more about my advisory and consulting roles.
Thanks President Donal Trump for making Twitter even more about opinions and conversation. Perhaps his media team can learn a little from this #SavvySocialTip. A “…well thought out and intentional share on social platforms…” can go a long way when a potential client is looking in on your social platforms.
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Many years ago I made this silly video. It was at a time when companies were trying to learn how to navigate business on Youtube. I had two employees who were young and hip and talked me into this one take video.(images are screen shots thus the quality).
You can watch it here now:
I thought it was silly. Actually I was a bit embarrassed that I let them talk me into going to a local grocery story and, “borrowing” the grocery cart. We drove into the back corner of this shopping center, quickly snagged a grocery cart, took it to my house, shot the video and returned it.
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I reluctantly put it up on Youtube. The video went live. The young Portland hipster employees were cracking up and said, “THIS IS IT!!” I then shared across twitter for about a week. Admitting my reservations about the video with each tweet. I carefully thought out each tweet and was intentional with my messaging. I invited people to look in. It did not go viral. And if you watched you will understand why. However it did get the attention of two clients. One a major TV network, and then a small investment firm. What the heck!!!
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Imagine a 69 year old fellow calling you up. Laughing at your creative attempt at YouTube. At first I was quiet thinking this was some kind of a joke. However after the laughing and teasing were moved aside, this man got down to business. Asked me all kinds of questions and then hired me. He told me that he decided that anyone who can put themselves out there in the manner that I did must be fun to work with. BAM & BOOM.
I have come along way in navigating this digital era with business. And I am still not able to really connect via video. I am a people person. I know that about myself, and I know that being intentional and thinking through all the elements of sharing on social platforms are important for my clients as well as for how I represent myself.
Now back to the shopping cart. There is a popular rapper named “NF” and he uses a shopping cart in his videos. I would like to think he stumbled across my shopping cart video and got the idea from me. But really the premise of this post is simple.
“There is a wealth of knowledge that can spin off of one well thought out and intentional share on your social platforms. Make it a good one. #SavvySocialTip # #marketing #entrepreneur #socialintelligence #socialbusiness “
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