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Homewood Suites by Hilton® Seattle/Lynnwood, WA

Welcome to my living room. Okay, it’s really the sitting area for the brand new “Homewood Suites” by Hilton.  Sometimes when I walk into a Hilton hotel lobby, I imagine my living room being transformed as is this setting. A happy and inviting feeling when you walk into any Hilton Hotel. I really needed that on this particular evening.

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I have been a long time guest of Hilton Hotels.  One of my favorite locations is the Hilton in Rockefeller Center in New York City.  Several times a year, my business travels take me to New York City and I always feel like I am visiting a family relative.  Perhaps I like knowing the kind of service and comfort I am  receiving and my stays are always consistent with my work and then some play.  This new hotel just north of Seattle is no different.

2014-06-13 21.00.38

As a matter of fact a pretty bathroom is important.

Recently I had a stay in the Seattle area.  Arrangements for my stay were booked, not by me,  and let’s just say it was not a Hilton.  The other place and I had a little exchange of words do to customer issues. That would be me as the customer with a small issue.  I was so appalled by the customer service that I actually said, “You mean to tell me that if your hotel was on fire, you are the person in charge? Bad customer service is a slow burn of business for any company.”  Poor customer service had me attempting to school the voice on the other end of the phone that kept interrupting me.  Each time  “reading” a policy which was not going to solve our little problem.  That policy was memorized, and pitch perfect each time.  The voice on the other end finally said, “I am going to transfer you to the back office and you can hold all night long, as our manager will not be back in until Monday morning.” (This call was taking place on a Friday evening.)  I care not to mention this other hotel chain, as I  do not want to give them  publicity of any nature.

Enter the Hilton Hotel. One phone call to them and I am set for a weekend stay.  I had not ever stayed in this particular Hilton  in Lynnwood, WA. I have relatives in the area that I typically stay with.  This weekend that was not an option.  My boys and I unloaded and settled into our room.  It was truly a lovely experience and I am once again reminded of why I stay at Hilton Hotels and why I am an Honors Member. I was not intending to write a post, as I am not a travel writer nor am I a photographer, yet being a bit of a designer myself I did take pictures of the decor as I really would love a sofa with that print and it would look lovely in my living room.

2014-06-13 19.17.10

I must have this sofa.

Thank you to Hilton for coming through late at night for a mom and her three boys.  Thank you for always being consistent in your service and care no matter which coast I may be on.  I know it’s not always easy to keep customer’s happy, but you must know that I am very happy.  My boys loved the swimming pool with that water slide. YES!!  A water slide.  The morning buffet had three boys going back for 3rds. I was happy to be staying in your lovely hotel and appreciate the care and service.

2014-06-13 21.00.13

Dear Hilton, my boys jumped and bounced. Sorry.




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