Jason Mraz Knows How To #SpreadYes

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Click image to purchase Jason Mraz’s BRAND new album. #spreadyes

I have a confession about Jason Mraz. For the longest time I did not connect his name with his music. With 5 kids between 8-26 yrs. I have been tagging along to their music interests.  However, that being said, there are many songs from one artist we all love. We can sing the words together no matter what age my kids are. We love music. Music is a very big part of our family. I am one of those people who fails at the question, “Guess who’s song this is?” Stop it all ready. Then last spring on the American Idol finale Jason Mraz shared the stage with Alex Preston one of the top American Idol contestants.

My kids started telling me how much they love “I’m Yours”, and “I Won’t Give Up”, and all the songs we all sing together by none other than Jason Mraz. I am very visual and seeing Jason on stage I could not believe he was one of our family favorites. From my 8 year old to my 26 year old and all the kids inbetween.  My heart “beat beats” to now be working on helping promote his new album release.  Not to mention my kids think I am the Cool mom in town. They already thought that, but I went from a small “c” to capital “C’.

It pains me that I have to admit this is a sponsored post.  I would not be writing this if it was an artist I did not love to listen to.  I am a law abiding citizen and this is sponsored. There I said it. Sharing my own opinions because truly my heart does “beat beat.” Jason is all about sharing. Imagine being the lucky person chosen to hang out with Jason at one of his concerts. Just for sharing #SpreadYes on all your social platforms. Follow the hashtag and join our conversations. You will find many others who share your taste in fine music.

Click image to purchase Jason Mraz's BRAND new album. #spreadyes

Click image to purchase Jason Mraz’s BRAND new album. #spreadyes

There is a depth to Jason’s life experience. Wise beyond his years, one might say. Lyrics that pause my streaming thoughts.   Meaning I am 10 years older than he is, and perhaps it’s not that he is any wiser than the next artist, but his lyrics wrap around my heart. A heart that loves, cares, and ask questions on how to love and live better.  “Love is a funny thing, whenever I give it it comes back to me.”  The start of my now favorite Jason Mraz song. Because truly when we love with passion and hope it does come back. This is that heart “beat beat’ of loving Jason and his music. I have included my newest favorite song.

I would love if you would also go to @ItunesMusic and purchase his new album “YES!”  You will have it streaming all day.  Just the kind of soothing to the heart, soul and mind I need .  Even his album cover rests my very existence.  Be sure to catch the excitement. #SpreadYesalbum cover



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  1. I love that your family is so involved in music. It’s lovely to see all you’re involved in and all the talent in that sweet family of yours!

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