Post New Attendee Show Homework Tips

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Post New Attendee Show Homework  can be overwhelming and for that reason I am offering some simple tips. It’s been over 20 years since I attended my very first event.   I just returned home from the New Media Expo (#NMX) held in Las Vegas.  I am a seasoned attender of events and walking through a show, attending teaching sessions, and making new friends comes natural for me.  However that being said, I met several new attenders who felt over whelmed, a bit disconnected, and not really knowing where to start.  I have good news. You already started by showing up.  We all have experienced that first event.  My new techy side kick I just hired, Matt Morrison (@mattlmorrison), will most likely write a blog from his first time experience. ( hint hint Matt)  After meeting several new people, I decided to write a “Post New Attendee Show Homework” list.

You have your notes, you most likely have more business cards than you know what to do with and the reality is you stare at these cards trying to figure who’s who and what was “that” conversation about.  How do you begin to sort out the information, the people, and those whom you do not want to lose contact with?

1.  Take each business card and follow all the links they offer.  Like on Facebook. Follow on Twitter, sign up to websites, etc.

Even if you forget who they are, it’s a polite way of saying, “hey, I have your card, and I appreciate your time in giving me your information.”  This takes time.  It’s important to do.  Why?  As you begin to put together the content, you begin to remember the value of the person who handed you that card.  You may not need their services, nor will they need you, but you can learn something from their process, their business and their content.   Experience has taught me that down the road by staying connected, when a true need came along, I have that reference pool to draw from that came from a real face to face connection.

2.  Email the top ten people who inspired you.

If you have 48 business cards to process, and all 48 people inspired you, then send 48 emails.   Why do I choose only ten?  I know that I can effectively engage and continue a real relationship from those who I learn from and inspire me.  I don’t like watered down relationships. I like to build and grow long term relationships, and for me I start with a handful of people, rather than running my lines of communication thin.

3.  Email those people whose business or service you may want to consider using to grow your business.

Why is this important?  You have met these people in real time. In the same way you invested your dollars to attend a show, they invested their dollars to make themselves available to you.   It was important enough for a company to invest in you. How did they invest in you?  They too showed up, like you, to make real connections and grow real relationships.  We learn from you.  We may be years ahead of you in business, yet in our conversations you remind us the importance of what we do and you sharpen our business skills.

4.  Building real friendships is important to growing your business. 

I have a saying which I am sure begins to sound cheesy after a while, but it’s true.  “Friendship does not, and should not ever cost you money.”  The space I hold open for new clients is valuable space.  My business would not survive if I handed over my services for free.  Yet, I have and hold space to nurture new friendships.  Friends I have made in business that I am able to offer my level of skills to help them along, and in return they offer some of their skill.  I have those kinds of friends all over the US and together we are all growing our business.

You may think that today, as a new business stepping into New Media, you have very little to offer.  After talking with several new people I learned a lot about navigating a show as a new person. Right down to talking with a new attendee on  the shuttle out to the airport.  I am going to be speaking with one of the directors from the show, and your thoughts shared will move forward to make future events even better.  Your attendance is a valuable, and although there are only four tips here, they will get you started in the right direction.

I watched Matt use an app to take pictures & store all his business cards.  I call him my “techy side kick” because there is still deep in me that  old school girl.  Such as I take every business card and log them in my Rolodex.  I like that vintage feel on my desk.

Social Media, New Media, Business Consulting

I trust that these simple Post New Attendee Show Homework Tips are helpful and a start to your growing relationships in your business and taking away that overwhelming return of a fabulous trip.

If you have additional questions, you may contact me   HERE or leave your question or comment below that others may learn from your questions. Blessings, Elizabeth

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