Moments in the streets of Portland

Walking through the streets of Portland, or any other city interrupts whatever thought process you are in the middle of.  I had just come out of a 3 1/2 hour meeting at Portland City Grill.  The kind of meeting where you receive a valuable education for free. In this case listening and talking to some of the most brilliant people in business.  My head was swirling with the information that had been uploaded and then in process of being filed into my mental Rolodex.  I came away feeling very encouraged and inspired.

I walked past a lady standing over a garbage can and talking to herself, and then saw  a Starbucks and decided to grab a coffee for the ride home. Instead I ordered two. I felt in the moments out of this meeting I wanted to give back.  Give back what?  Not sure, but something to anyone. In this moment I could manage to Venti coffee’s back to my car.  I stopped at the little hut to collect my keys and pay my parking bill.  I handed the little Indian man a hot cup of coffee.  He smiled this terrific smile.  Missing some teeth and his hands, aged with time and very hard work he took the coffee. He thanked me several times. His smile was contagious and he looked up the skies and said, “It is cold today, and this is good.”  He had a think accent and thanked me again.  Not once did his smile fade as he waved at me as I drove away.

Driving through the city, I went back to many of the details of this morning’s meeting and recognize the passions people have for seeing that others do well. There are simple things we can do to encourage.  Sometimes those things are big and huge, and other times it can be as small as a $2.00 super size cup of coffee. Either way a terrific smile is sure to break out.  I was wearing one of those smiles today, and often as I go about my I receive encouragement from others or try to be an encouragement.  We all have something to give back. How we do that is entirely up to the individual.  It is important to just do.  How have you encouraged someone today?

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    I didn’t know where to find this info then koaobm it was here.

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    You really saved my skin with this ionfrmation. Thanks!

  4. Lucinda and Hippie thanks for making me smile.

  5. Ryne says:

    What liberating konwledge. Give me liberty or give me death.

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