Tweener Fun Two/Too

How do you take this blank slate of a room and turn it into a 12 year old’s dream room. You start by asking a lot of questions. In this case, mom was asked to leave this 12 year old alone with the designer.  Mom gladly exited and we got down to business.  She wanted something BIG & COLORFUL by her window.  A place where she could sit, read, and “dream about boys.”
She wanted all things bright and sparkly.  No clutter and NO FURNITURE.  Sounds good for this young girl, but now enter mom and there are some issues to consider.  Storage.  How do you set up a room with no furniture?  If the room has built-ins that are attached to the walls then technically there is no furniture.  Solved and away I went on the designs for storage, no furniture and still the ability to display all those pretty things young girls collect.  The first two picture are the before pictures.  Sadly this is about as exciting as she had for to many years. Let’s see how I did.

It was not to hard to please this Tweener.  She made it very clear what her likes and dislikes might be. And lets face it, given the before pictures there were really few mistakes I could make.  I made her space under her window cozy, bright and cheery. This built in yields LOTS of storage. We even had pull out trays at each end for soda pop cans, popcorn, and whatever else she  may want.

The three pronged lighting was really cool to add to each end of this over-sized bench seat.  We were able to find lots of colorful beads, and wire beads around the lighting fixture so it did not look so sterile. Do you love the fabrics?  When I found these samples I brought them all and said, “what if we used them all.”  Big squeal from my biggest fan.

These had special meaning to this young girl.  Just inside her bedroom door we found the perfect spot to hang.  Can you see where her sense of style and color were there long before  she had this beautiful room.

Really quite happy with how this wall turned out. Storage, shelves, and big drawers.  The lighting took on a funky color for the picture, but it is stunning.  The headboard is a crushed velvet which matches the duster (you can’t see) and some throw pillows on her bench seat. We actually looked high low for an inexpensive bedspread.  Her dog like to make her bed a sleeping spot, so we were not about to spend to much.  Again, this Tweener wanted color and we sure got in in that one bedspread/comforter.

In my experience this is the toughest age group as a designer. You have personalities of mother and daughter often clashing. As a designer, you have to step into the middle of the hormones of both and make it a safe playing field.  This mother and daughter team made my job easy.  Mom, was willing to allow her daughter do “whatever she wants in colors and design.” Mom’s influence was “as long as we have lots of storage.”  I say they both won.


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    Boom shakalaka boom boom, problem svoled.

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    I wtnaed to spend a minute to thank you for this.

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