Alaska Airlines Is Doing It Right

A couple of weeks ago I was a little disappointed that Alaska airlines cancelled my flight. I had to get home to a sweet 16 birthday for my fourth child. After I realized that that was not going to happen my five children and their boyfriend and spouses all assembled in the quarantine mode that we are all in and put on a party.

The mountains are, “social distancing”.

I gave my daughter instructions on how to cook his favorite meal. She also turned a chocolate cake recipe into beautiful cupcakes. I realized that in having a big family the party could go on without me. If I’m being honest I do believe that it was a better party put on than I would have done myself.

Let’s get back to Alaska airlines. When I called to make the arrangement home, after my flight was cancelled, it was decided that I would extend my stay by another week. Being able to work remotely my delay home had no affect or impact on my clients. When I talked with the gal who was booking my schedule and scanning to find a flight for me this is what I heard. I heard this delightful voice who was encouraging, who is apologetic, and asked how I was managing this crisis She probably knew that her days as an Alaskan employee working may be numbered yet nothing about her service to me was short of cheerful professionalism.

Now fast forward two weeks. Once again a flight that was scheduled two weeks out was changed. My traveling is limited to being in my own home and being in the home of my boyfriend where this all started. I figured there’s not much risk in traveling because I’m in two homes that I was quarantined to.

When this all started I was visiting my boyfriend in Palm Desert and ended up there two weeks in quarantine. When Alaska Airlines changed my schedule the second time my heart just sunk. It did not sink because of the change of schedule but just to know that in every way the coronavirus is impacting our country. It made me sad to think that of their employees. They had furloughed over 2,000 employees in that 2 weeks. Getting on a plane yesterday with my mask, with all my safety gear and with social distancing all in order I was met with smiling, happy, and a cheerful staff. I have flown with Alaska for years I have flown with them probably 20 times in the last year and 6 months ago when there was no such thing as coronavirus in our frontal lobes the employees were just as happy and just as chipper. You would not know the struggles that this airline is having based on the fact that they are still showing up, still serving their customers and smiling.

I write this today because this is how we can all live out this next season of our lives and how we manage our businesses both big and small. Look to the people in the companies who are doing it right. We all have businesses to run. We all have businesses we are trying to keep afloat. When we’ve got that customer in front of us,at a safe distance, or on the phone we want to encourage them. We want to smile and we want to give them the best service based on the circumstances.

I did not get my Starbucks coffee on my flight. I did get a nice bottled water and I still got my favorite cookie from Alaska Airlines. If you’ve have bottled water and you’ve got a package cookie give it to your customer. I guarantee in the current cycle of this season anyting you do, big or small, for your customers will make a difference.

Flying @AlaskaAir into Seattle

The views on the detour to Seattle were worth it. Had to fly north to go south.

With being at home and all your creative thoughts around each room of your house how are you making a difference with your customers? Look at those companies doing it right. Thank you Alaska Airlibes for doing it right.

May we all find creative, cheerful and encouraging ways to serve our customers.

Give your customers your best, “face-time” smile.

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