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Promotion all logoOver the years I have received phone calls that start like this, “How fast can you…..?”  There was a dream that developed a solid idea. That idea became a daily thought process, that thought process presented an opportunity to become a reality.  And the next thing you know you are running at full speed ahead meeting deadlines to make that idea your reality. Whew!!  I get tired of thinking of all the late nights staring down a strategic plan with a time crunch.  And I love it!!!

And currently working on getting Dr. Bart Rask hired onto the Hillsboro, OR School Board. Which is the inspiration to write this particular blog. The idea of running for a position, a campaign, and that call for help. Next thing you know we are off and running.

endorsement header

Amazing when Dr.Bart Rask can be endorsed by his biggest critics, his children.

Starting your campaign strong is simply being ready, when you are ready to let the world know you should be taken serious. That requires planning. Careful and strategic planning. If  you are currently sitting on a dream may I suggest you start now.  Starting now puts a solid foundation on what your building.  It may be months down the road before you take off. It may never even happen before you move on to the next big idea, but in the event it becomes a reality you are ready. That call of, “How fast can you…..?” is a challenge for everyone involved. Yet a few easy steps to get you started can make all the difference.

The, “How fast can you….” is something that needed to happen fast for the good doctor. Dr. Bart Rask knew  he came into this race at the 12th hour. A few long meetings, serious and deep research, a strategy, and we are off. For most who have no plan in order this would have been difficult to pull off. Fortunately Dr. Bart Rask came for my help, and all the systems were in place waiting for him. He had the foundation started, and it took careful implementing to build a strong campaign.


Election is May 21, 2019-Vote for Bart Rask

In this past year I have really wondered what has so many plunging in with speed,  no plan, no strategy and a bleeding budget. I know a little of that answer. It’s about being the first one to market. It is also the simple fact that social media has everyone operating at lightening speed. Here are three things you should do the moment  you scratch that dream on a cocktail napkin.  Working with Dr. Bart Rask  and charging forward required these three things I am going to share.  And let’s be real. He’s an Orthopedic surgeon. He is not a brand and marketing strategist. He knew he needed to move fast, he knew he needed help and we got right down to work.


Dr. Bart Rask working on his campaign.

You’d be surprised how many quick starts have gone on to be very successful with starting these first three ideas strong. Strong enough to jump in and build a strong campaign.

1. Get A Logo


It may change over time, and be refined a thousand times, but this gives you an opportunity to get all your identity secured. Your Logo. Hire someone to make it exactly as you want. I love that Dr. Bart Rask had his logo in place. It states exactly what his objective is. If you hired a creative person who can get inside your head, you will not have to change it. That logo can then be used to give your idea a tangible reality. This image will be spread over the internet, so make it a good one.

2. Write A Short, One Paragraph, Elevator Pitch


Writing out this elevator pitch will give words to your dream. Write it out on a 3×5 card. Practice saying it over and over. Practice with your friends, family and strangers. Practice in the car. Change it up until it the most natural thing to talk about.

Dr. Bart Rask has a story of passion,  “Excellence in Education for all Children”. And being the father of six kids is the beginning of his story. All six kids attend Hillsboro schools which fuels his passion. Some may argue that he needs a fancy blue button down shirt with a grey tie head shot of his hair combed. Professional photos are great. But his story is being in the middle of kids in elementary, middle and high school. A man who shows up, and will show up with his vision for Hillsboro School Board.

3. Set Up Your Social Media Platforms

Bart Rask Hillsboro School Board

Time to build your social media presence. You now have your logo and you have your pitch. Months before you ever start development or production you are building a foundation to start your campaign strong. And you look good. It feels good and others think you really are taking this idea serious.  As others take interest you slowly start telling your story. And people begin gathering. Watching, wondering and waiting.

This picture with Dr. Bart Rask walking off the field with a football player is part of his story. He has been the school physician for various sporting events for 21 years. Long before he had his own kids he was helping others. Your story starts with you. What are you are doing today to build YOUR story?  I am pretty sure that Dr. Rask had no idea how I would use this image to tell his story. And to date this one image has had more shares, reach and engagement than any other image. Why? It shares his story and qualifies him all the more to be elected to the Hillsboro School Board.

To many seasoned entrepreneurs this is all to easy. However I have sat across from some of the smartest people I have ever met ready to launch their brand, product or campaign and guess what? They have no one to launch to. They have not built a foundation. They waited until all was pretty and ready to go.  And then opportunity came along and they had to scramble and make that call, “How fast can you?”

When you slowly build a solid foundation you are well on your way to Starting Your Campaign Strong. In my experience strong campaigns are winning campaigns.

Please visit to follow his campaign

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