When Tacos Meet Ortega

Ortega Taco Seasoning

Lunch is served.

Sometimes I run across a brand and go chatty crazy over it. I also have the honest thought that if I write about it, they may just send me a case of this yummy goodness. After all, why not?

Imagine four boys staring you down and wanting to go out and eat Mexican food for dinner. As in tacos.  All I can think of is fast food, which is NOT an option or the local restaurant which is delicious, but I do not feel up to being confined to a booth with four boys and paying for their combined weight in tacos being eaten.  Instead we stop at the grocery store for a few items for movie night and a quick scan of the taco isle.   Look what I found.  Ortega Taco Seasoning.

2015-08-26 19.00.13

Ortega Taco Seasoning

I  typically make my own taco seasoning as my body revolts to some of the ready made taco mix seasonings. After looking over the ingredients I decided to give this a try.  If boys love this it WILL be a big win for mom.  I like to take two chopped onions and 2 pounds of hamburger and cook it all up. The instructions say to do just that. Easy enough. Once the meat and onions are cooked it gives specifics in adding six tablespoons which equal about three generous pours straight from the bottle into the cooked up mixture. DONE!!

2015-08-26 11.56.01

All cooked up and ready to add the Ortega Taco Seasoning.

2015-08-26 11.57.23

As you can see this colorful concoction of spices is about to make my biggest critics super happy.

 After adding some water, mixing it all up and allowing to thicken this lovely mess of meat and onions was ready to serve up.  I do not like hot or spicy and with kids I am not to keen on having heat on our food. This is so good that I could not stop eating this straight from the pan. The flavor was so good.  And here is a secret. Last night I could have provided this beautiful spread of all the taco fixings.  I am actually documenting my second batch. I am making this up at 11am in the morning.  Keeping on hand in the frig so my boys can also have more tacos for lunch.  There were no left overs from last night’s meal and everyone loved it.  My 13 year old told me that he liked my taco’s better than the local place we go to on Taco Tuesdays.  A very big compliment from my pickiest eater.  And a first on the homefront and taco making.   The flavor was all in the seasoning.

2015-08-26 12.00.33

Ortega Taco Season makes a big hit at the Traub house.

If you are hitting a wall with dinner ideas, or your kids think your tacos are boring then it’s high time you spice things up a bit.  Since I am one who typically makes my own ingredients it’s a pretty amazing find to buy something ready made that is mom approved.  You can find Ortega Taco Seasoning in the seasoning isle. You are welcome and enjoy.

P.S. Ortega, really you should send me a case of this stuff. I promise to host a taco party and share with my mama friends. I also notices that you can buy online.  Sending all my readers here: www.ortega.com

P.S.S. First time a taco seasoning did not give me a big migraine. Another win for me. Taco Tuesdays just got more fun to eat.

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