Everyone Should Have A “Copa Moment”

I love when grapes are hanging from the vine.

I love when grapes are hanging from the vine.

Today I met with a new company I hope to be working with. Since there are all kinds of laws about disclosing that you are getting paid or given stuff when writing a post, I am happy to say that I have NOT received any kind of compensation for what I am about to write. The minute my fee lands in my bank account I become a law abiding citizen by disclosing things like “sponsored” etc.

I sat in their boardroom, a bit nervous and surrounded by a lot of wine: my first “Copa Moment.”  They did not even offer me one glass! Although, after all, it was only 10:30am…  Their brand offers a single serve pour glass of  wine.  The room had stacks of them. My stomach was rumbling as the meeting spilled into lunch and I had my second little “Copa Moment.” FEED ME!!! The owner ,James Martin, sat across from me and used “Copa Moment” in our dialogue. Being a bit of an ideaphoriac, I was processing and thinking of all kinds of moments.

The brand is called Copa Di Vino. “Copa Di Vino is based in the Southern end of the Columbia Valley in The Dalles, Oregon. Sunset Magazine noted that the Sunshine Mill, home of our flagship brand Copa Di Vino, is perhaps the most interesting wine attraction in all of Oregon” (via their website). I love the idea of working with Copa Di Vino. My mind swirling with ideas and with no hydration or food I am lead to write this post. I would never put my hydration and food needs onto strangers. Aside from these single servings of wine staring at me, I was met with professionalism on every level.

I love when the CEO keeps it real & comfortable.

My car broke down the day before and that car sitting in another city an hour and half away. I had to take my husband to work, juggle kids to school and make this meeting on time. My car is well stocked with my in-the-moment needs of both food and hydration. However, given the circumstances of driving my husband’s car, I went into that meeting with no fuel for the brain.Truly, another real “Copa Moment.”

Copa Di Vino has graced the market with their single serve packaged glass of wine. Honestly, “graced” in an understatement. The owner has been on Shark Tank twice, and they are serving up their single pours in stadiums and concert halls, as well as major grocery chains around America. Their single-pour, classy looking glass is something you can tuck anywhere while on the go to any social event. I do a lot of hiking here in the beautiful Columbia Gorge, and my is it wine country here.

Beautiful Columbia Gorge. The Dalles, OR

Beautiful Columbia Gorge. The Dalles, OR

I have yet to bring that bottle of wine with cheese & crackers, because who wants to slug a bottle up a mountain while carrying extra’s for the kids and the husband? I am wishing I would have known of Copa Di Vino when my dear friend and Food Network Star Paul McCullough visited Portland, OR. I was not sure what restaurant you take a Celebrity Chef to, so instead I packed a picnic which included a large bottle of wine. We may have had to finish the bottle since neither of us wanted to carry it. Peddling along the Willamette River produced some fun videos after finishing the entire bottle! I really wish I would have had a case of Copa Di Vino at that time.

Every mom knows that we have to cope with a lot. Especially being a mom of five and a career mom. My husband gets a little frustrated when I have him pop open a bottle of wine, only to not drink the rest later. I will often forget that I have an expensive bottle sitting for weeks. Coping with life requires enjoying some of life, too. Perhaps there will be more “Copa Moments” being opened in my kitchen.

On my drive home after the first meeting, I was thinking of my own “Copa Momen.” I was thinking back several months when I was in the Sunshine Mill tasting room with my son and his new girlfriend. We bought a round of Copa Di Vino. A bit curious about a packaged glass of wine, we each chose our own personal favorites. They offer a variety to meet the pallet of any wine enthusiast.  Individual servings of Merlot, Cabernet, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Riesling.

Single Serve SelectionMy husband and I decided we wanted to take the two of them out, without the younger boys to get to know her, and know them as a couple. That was a true “Copa Moment”. (I see a hashtag in the making here). This indeed was a moment of celebration. Meeting this young woman and now, months later, we are planning a wedding. Who would have thought months later I would also be sitting in their boardroom of Copa Di Vino? We all have moments of celebration, relaxing, vacation, movie night, girlfriends and business meetings. Copa Di Vino is quality wine in a small package and very good, in both packaging and taste.

As I “wine” this post down I am getting ready to attend an annual event at the Sunshine Mill, the parent company to Copa Di Vino.  After mixing and mingling I may come back with a host of “Copa Moments” to share.  Until then, if you ever come across a Copa Di Vino, I would love if you shared your “Copa Moment” with me. Cheers!!  Elizabeth Traub

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