The Love of Harry or #TheLoveOfHarry

I wrote about Harry Connick, JR last December. On the heels of having met him, it was very easy to write “When Harry Met Sally” (you can read that here).  Now that American Idol is in fully engaged in Season XIII, Harry has become the weekly topic of fans.  He is the newest judge addition and he speaks to his passions with honesty and integrity.  He has remained true to who he is in everyday life as a husband, dad and celebrity.  In the show, he speaks with a parenting heart, a heart that is often misunderstood. You can hear American Idol fans booing his responses to the contestants.


The Love of Harry

As a mother of several kids I ask myself: what, if my kid were on that stage,  would I be thinking if Harry was judging them? Integrity is often lost in our society–especially in TV.  Harry has challenged the lyrics being sung by young girls; he has challenged clothing choices.  And alas, he is a father to three daughters. Last December, he shared that he believes he will judge in a manner in which he parents and guess what he does? Week after week, he brings a father’s heart to that judging table. He also brings an element of instructional intelligence that get’s mocked. This is just the kind of judging influence I would wish on my children. Is it a bit harsh? Not really. We just have watered down ethics so much that his honest feedback makes it appear that way. I have yet to boo the TV screen as I watch.  I dare to say that Harry is a bit of a misfit among the American Idol stage.  He is not that guy who is playing to the top ten pop culture of teeny boppers.  He is not the guitarzan man, or that female pop artist dancing and jiggling on stages world wide half dressed. He is classic, jazzy, movie, middle-aged hunky man of musical intelligence.  He is bringing a completely new twist in judging and finding his place at that judging table.

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In the 2nd week of March, fans of American Idol finally saw Harry take that stage as the gifted musician he is.  I saw Twitter explode with positive tweets over and over again.  Within 24 hours the IdolTweethearts decided we wanted to highlight Harry for our next #IdolPreParty.  Kellie McNulty had the graphic made, Harry’s managing company providing signed CD’s for our giveaway, and IdolTweethearts has prepared Social Media savvy communications to get the word out.

I sat down to my computer and literally spent 3 hours watching YouTube video’s of his past performances as well as his guest spots on dozens of talk shows. Take a minute and watch his performance on the American Idol stage.  I personally fell in love with Harry in the movie “P.S. I Love You”. This past week, even more than meeting Harry face to face, I got excited for American Idol.

Now, American Idol is having some serious growing pains. Growing up music in America the past 13 seasons has had its ebbs and its flows.  The struggle is still there in gaining a fair share of the viewing market. However, meeting Harry, watching his judging style, and then investing some serious YouTube hours, I think that American Idol just might gain momentum on this guy.  I think Americans are really wanting to bring back elements of integrity and it’s not to say that Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez on are not contributing, it is that building of a team, and the addition of Harry that is rounding out that judging table.

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The Love of Harry is not about a dreamy love affair with a man you can’t have. It’s about the love of honor, integrity and bringing a higher gauge of moral to American Idol.  The IdolTweehtearts love Harry. We loved when he tweeted out that he was having lunch with us.

American Idol, Idol , Harry Connick JR, Season 13, #SeasonXIII, #idol,  Elizabeth Traub, #Idoltweethearts Social Media, Entertainment, #AmericanIdol

We are honoring him this week with the hashtag #TheLoveOfHarry and we will talk about him during this weeks #IdolPreParty. Sadly due to his commitments during our #IdolPreParty he will not be joining us, but let’s just say he will have his phone and be looking in on what we all have to say about him. Be sure to follow him on Twitter @HarryConnickJR and follow his official Twitter fan sight, too. @HCJrFanClub

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21 comments on “The Love of Harry or #TheLoveOfHarry
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  2. Kate says:

    I could not agree more – his honesty and integrity are refreshing and most welcome. Love Harry – he is the only reason I am watching Idol this year.

  3. Nancy Sayer says:

    very well written article on a highly intelligent, gifted man!! thank you for having the insight to see Harry for the person he really is…husband, Dad, son, and a hugely talented artist. The fact that he is on Idol, well, maybe I will watch it one of these days again. Stopped watching because of the drama, the fakeness, and the guarantee that just somebody with popularity, and not necessarily the talent, wins. Good Luck to all of you, and to Harry!!

    • Nancy, Thanks for reading. I had stopped watching in the past few years as well. The drama has been replaced with witty and intelligent fun. I hope you will take a look back into the show. #TheLoveOfHarry Elizabeth

  4. Denise says:

    He is like a breath of fresh air! He has the best interests of the contestants at heart and not just fame and fortune governing his thoughts and critiques. What he says is so heartfelt, I look forward to hearing his interpretations of their performances! This is not to criticize Keith or Jennifer, they do a great job, as well. Enjoying this season so much!

    • I completely he agree. Harry truly rounds out that judging table. Let’s face it, there will only be one Idol at the end of the season and if Harry could give all the others a piece of wisdom to take on their personal music journey’s he has given back more than what these contestants had before they stepped onto that American Idol stage. Thanks for reading. #TheLoveOfHarry Elizabeth

  5. I’ve loved Harry from the moment I heard him in “When Harry Met Sally”, when he sang “It Had To Be You” on a music video at the end of the film. That’s a long time, and my love of Harry has not diminished. He made me melt in “Hope Floats.” I saw him in concert the year he released his latest Christmas CD, in NYC, and it was an awesome experience. I danced along with him and Lucien Barbarin while they sang New Orleans jazz on his PBS-televised “Harry On Broadway” concert. I went to Broadway to see him in “On A Clear Day You Can See Forever.” I took my kids to see “Dolphin Tale”. I love this man!

    It’s only been in the past few years, as I’ve seen him on The Ellen Show, that I’ve learned how funny he is, in addition to being a talented musician with a dreamy voice. I saw how humble and grounded and polite he is when he interviewed with Piers Morgan. I tuned in to Idol for the first time to watch him mentor last year, and this is the first season I’ve watched from start to finish – because of Harry. He has not disappointed. It’s been a real treat to see him twice a week, let me tell you! And do you notice that he pulls out JLo’s chair for her every week?

    • Yes, he does pull out JLO’s chair. I have noticed. I loved reading this. It’s like we are chatting about a dear friend. There is one YouTube video where he sings with his daughter and my heart melted. He truly is a leading example on American Idol. Thanks so much for sharing your story. I loved reading it. #TheLoveOfHarry Elizabeth

  6. Lori says:

    I’ve been in love with Harry since I was a wee lass of 15 (way back in 19mumblemumble) and have been lucky enough to see him live multiple times. I love his music, but I also love who he is as a person. He is goofy and fun, but he can be serious when necessary. Perhaps most importantly, you never doubt that he loves Jill and their daughters.

    • When all the #IdolTweethearts were in a meeting with Harry, someone asked about his family and wife. He held up his ring finger wrapped his other hand around his wedding ring and said, “this is the most important relationship I have.” And then honored his wife. It was beautiful and I teared up, a little. I too, and “19Mumblemumble” when I first heard of Harry. I loved that. ;-) #TheLoveOfHarry Elizabeth

  7. Paula says:

    Very nicely put. I feel the same way. Harry has made all the difference in American Idol this year. I loved his performance last week. Even my teenage and young adult music minded kids thought it was the most awesome thing they had ever seen. I was so mad when I saw
    the negative comments of Facebook. Just goes to prove that the average American does not know real talent and shouldn’t be deciding who should be the next American Idol.

  8. Tracey Heck says:

    I totally agree with all that you’ve said. Harry Connick is the ultimate man. A man that you would want to be your friend, lover, husband, brother, father or mentor. I have seen him on many talk shows, and every time I’ve said, “He is the nicest man. I would love to have him as a friend.” He is kind, honest, caring, and funny. There are very few celebrities that have the honest charm that this man possesses. There is probably nothing that he cannot do. He has great comedic timing, leading man good looks, immense, immense musical talent, a fabulous voice, and the heart and soul to write songs that mean something. I am so pleased that the young generation is finally going to be able to see what a quality man and musician Harry Connick truly is, and it is so wonderful to see someone be honest and frank with the singers of tomorrow. I hope that all of the contestants see what a gift they possess in having Harry.

    • You are exactly correct. American Idol has made a great choice in him. Americans are valuing what Harry brings. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. #TheLoveOfHarry Elizabeth

  9. I look forward each week for Harry’s feedback.. He is like a breath of fresh air for Idol..

  10. Lori Danos says:

    First time I read this, and I agree 100% . He is an amazing man, and I love how he can be so honest without being harsh. I love the way he interacts with the contestants. American Idol has it dead on spot with the trio of judges. Every week they bring on the professional side of judging and the heart side of having fun together. Absolutely Amazing.

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