American Idol Thoughts as they Come #2

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When you receive an invitation from Ryan Seacrest to attend a private American Idol event there is a barrage of emotions that collide in the moments of reading  that email.  I can’t say I jumped for joy or giggled uncontrollable. I read the email once. Then I read it three more times and wondered, did Ryan Seacrest really send this?  Did I open up some email that had not been filtered to spam.  This email was the 3rd communication from American Idol. The first was a twitter follow; the second was a tweet from American Idol and the 3rd was this email.  Now what?  The email read that not all who received the email would be attending. Within moments I got a text from my friend Lynne and she was who I had to tell first. Girlfriends excitement set in.

Now a new kind of crazy set in.  I was checking my email every 5 minutes.  Checking my spam file which I don’t think I had ever checked.  Studying the small handful of women who had also been tweeted the same tweet.   I was reading their tweet streams to see if they were saying anything new. It seemed we were all in a bit of a frenzy.  Then I sent a private message to Sheryl Camp.  A women who was tweeting she had received the same letter.  Sheryl returned my call that evening. The entire hour we chatted I was cooking dinner. Standing over my stove making a veggie stir fry with left-over turkey from Thanksgiving. It was nervous energy cooking.   Together we chatted away our outward process of what this might or might not be. Asking the question, to each other, why us?  Why middle age women?  Sheryl had moved out of the Social Media space she was once involved in through her gabbygeek name.  She was tweeting and embracing her new life as a recent first time grandma.

It felt good to talk to someone. To talk with a person who understood that it one afternoon the crazy thoughts that produced a host of questions and challenges. The challenge was simple.  Staying on course for the demands of my day.  Who am I fooling?  I spent the next two days on my computer studying the other women, and realizing this was no ordinary group of women.

We all began to connect.  At first it was just a few of us.  We found each other on Facebook and privately locked into this amazing invitation. We started a hashtag called #idoltweethearts. We jumped  into a twitter handle @Idoltweethearts  and  a Facebook Fanpage.  One of our creative gals even made this amazing graphic.

American Idol, Idol , Season 13, Season XIII, Elizabeth Traub, Social Media, Entertainment, American Idol

Thank you Meg for making this.

Every few hours we added another person into a private group we started.  Who else had been chosen?  Did we miss anyone? Together we searched and scanned Twitter. Even as I write this blog on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, I am still wondering who else might be out there.  Each gal having their own busy lives, in business and mothering we have come together from all over the United States.

Together, we have been “randomly” chosen.  American Idol communicating that they love @Idoltweethearts.  Together we have formed a bond of a sisterhood.  Here is a list of those whom we have been able to locate and have chosen to be part of this #idoltweetheart group of sharing.   If you are in social media please follow each of these gals.  We are sharing our emotions and thoughts as we walk through the mysteries of the unknowns.  I have had some communications with media/news asking questions like, “What exactly are you doing?” In 48 hours of this post I can share more, but for now. I am very honored and blessed to be counted among a lovely group of women.

I have energy and excitement over the mystery of stepping into the unknowns of American Idol. Thanking them for the gift of this little trip to Hollywood just before my birthday.  I told my husband that he did not need to get me a birthday present. This trip is going to fill my quota for this year. I have been a longtime fan of American Idol. The host of judges I love following and reading about.    Music is deeply rooted in our family.  It is funny to have many kids in my family, all musicians and middle age mama is heading to Hollywood.  Please come along and join this journey.  Love & Blessings Elizabeth

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