“An Evening of Holiday Cheer” Our Hosts

“An Evening of Holiday” Cheer is more than just another music event. It’s a gathering of friends, of family, and making new friends. It’s supporting our children in the community. It’s fashion, it’s poetry, it’s music, and it’s cozy. It’s sipping on some good cheer and enjoying a festive treat; throwing your head back and laughing, and watching as the magic of Christmas brings together a holiness of the Holiday season.

Emily Otteson Music, Portland Music, Christmas Event,  Portland, Portland Events

Emily Otteson

Emily Otteson is a local Portland artist. She runs her music business in way that allows others to be served. This year, she’ll be supporting Metro Toy Drive and serving the kids who might go without. The space is limited to only 100 and the ticket price will yield 30% back to Metro Toy Drive. It’s a small amount going back, but it’s something that this young business and musical artist can do.  Emily brings her passions for Portlanders, her gift of writing, playing and singing to brighten up your holiday season. You can follow Emily daily as she chats up life in Portland, music, and friendships on her Facebook fan page. Emily Otteson Music.

Emily Otteson Music, Portland Music, Christmas Event,  Portland, Portland Events

Grace Holland

Grace Holland is cohosting “A Evening of Holiday Cheer” with Meredith Philips. Grace, the sweetheart of Portland, you can see her smile and energy on the cover of the very map that guides Portlanders around the Pearl District. Often Grace can be seen as one of Portland’s fashion professionals, as well as on commercials and TV spots. This past summer she had her first role in a movie shot here in Portland, “South of Heaven” directed by Tim Levine. Most important to Grace on her resume is that she is a mom. Grace is a mom who posts pictures of her daughter painting her face. She is a mom who shows up in the brrr! cold evenings of football season for her son. A sweetheart all around!


Meredith Philips launched her career when she showed up as the Bachelo in 2004, season two. She was later a big hit with The Bachelorette  in 2005. From that time she has refined passions in what she loves best–cooking! She is now a celebrity chef and resides right here in Portland, OR. Her book, “Date Night, Cookbook,” is one that gives great ideas in romancing your date any night of the week with fabulous recipes and ideas. We are honored to have her co-hosting with Grace Holland. Sharing her insights for cooking, she is bringing her cookbook, and signing each copy,  which makes a fantastic gift under the chef on your Christmas list. Here is where you can purchase her book. “Date Night Cookbook

Emily Otteson Music, Portland Music, Christmas Event,  Portland, Portland Events

Derek Osting

Derek Osting is our Guest Service & Care companion. He is a local model & actor in Portland. He is also a service tech with Frontier. We want all of our guests to be well cared for. Imagine coming up the front door of a party, kicking the snow off your shoes and being greeted at the door with a smile, a welcome, and some Christmas cheer. Derek is going to see that all our guests are cared for. He will help direct you to your seats, see that chocolate and cheer are available to you and new friendships are beginning.

During the next two weeks we are going to be sharing some of the behind the scenes moments of what it takes to put on an event like this. We’d love your support and we invite you to attend “An Evening of Holiday Cheer.” You may click the link for ticket information.

Emily Otteson Music, Portland Music, Christmas Event,  Portland, Portland Events

Emily Otteson Music, Portland Music, Christmas Event,  Portland, Portland Events

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