30Secondmom & Kids Room Design

30Secondmom & Kids Room Design

30Secondmom and a kids room designer, what do we have in common?

I started following this website a couple of months ago through my android. I thought what better way to brighten my day, as a mom, than to hear from other mom’s who have gone before me, or who have studied the fine art of mothering as a career.  Each contributing writer has a specialized field that relates to almost every element of mothering and being a parent.  Topics not just about our kids, but nutrition ideas, health, money, home, travel, beauty, relationships, activities, technology, and here is where I come in, even a kids room designer.

As a contributing writer for 30secondmom it is my job to bring tips and ideas on how to spruce up, decorate, do it yourself, ideas for your kids room.

At first I thought, I would not be able to fill this role, as I am not one who is few on words.  After sifting through years of working with clients, I found it very easy to add a 30secondmom (click on my link) tip each day.  Taking the questions I have been asked over the years and giving quick ideas, remedies, and antidotes on kids’ room design.

Elisa All is the founder of 30secondmom.  I have had the opportunity to get to know her these past few weeks. Chatting about being moms and business owners.  She has been nominated for a prestigious Moxie Award-Celebrating the best in digital. http://moxieawards.builtinchicago.org/  You can also view one of her own 30secondmom updates here. Like you, and like me, she is a business owner who desires to also be a terrific mom. http://www.30secondmom.com/author10-elisaall

Each week 30secondmom is host to a Twitter Chat called “#30secondmom chat”  It’s at 6:00pm Pacific time, every Wednesday evening. I have my husband on board for this coveted time. He arrives home from work a little earlier, takes the boys, cooks dinner, deliveries dinner to my home office so I can get in on the chat.  Each week a guest speaker is brought in and we all learn new ideas about being a mom in this world.  This week, June 20th,2012 I will step into that role.  I admit I am little nervous, but excited to be the guest speaker, speaking on kids room design.

I am passionate about 30secondmom for many reasons.  First and foremost is the fact that we live in busy shoes.  Switching around with various roles from stay home mom, working mom, mom running errands and doing life with kids. Even dads can jump in as they too live more involved lives with their children.   This website has brought together a wealth of information by moms who have gone before us.  Even as a contributing writer I check my phone daily to read what great tips have been posted.  I learn new things. Hard to believe that a mother of five, with her oldest being 24 would learn new things. Even younger moms bring me new insights into my own mothering, my own relationships and encouragement in my day to day living.

I invite you to join in on the chats.  Follow on twitter @30secondmom #30secondmom and sign up to get the daily updates at www.30secondmom.com

I also invite you to join me as I share some idea on kids room design this Wed. June 20th @ 6:00pm Pacific Time. Go to twitter and type in #30secondmom .  Jump into the conversation and meet a group of lovely people, both moms, dads, and the likes of those who enjoy great conversation. Introduce yourself. We want to know you personally, and this chat allows us to do just that. Yes, 30secondmom and a kids room designer have much in common.

What are some questions for your kids room you would like answered through 30secondmom?

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