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First, let me be clear. I am NOT “Pregnant & Working”.

I was laughing this evening over remembering a situation when I was pregnant and working.  I have many stories along this theme, but this one story in particular had me thinking about my working mama friends and if they ever have days like this.  Those days when the unexpected and supposed unplanned happens.

I was pregnant with my surprise 5th child over six years ago. One early Saturday morning I attended a business breakfast.  I was feeling woozy, distracted and almost did not go.  I wanted to fade into a corner when I got there and thought I should just check out and leave, but I was interested in connecting with a few people and stayed.   I met a go-getter of a gal named Tonya Giesbers. who was a sales consultant with a company called “Celebrating Home” (take a moment to visit her website).  She and I chit chatted and she asked about my experience in kids room decor, and together we shared a common interest in design, exchanged our business cards and I made my exit.

The following Monday I got a call from Tonya Giesbers. asking if I might be available, a few months out, to attend a dinner with her company.  As she was talking a client walked into my shop, distracting me. I noted the date and let her know I would love to attend.  I realize this all sounds like the normal routines of a working mom.    My days were filled with stopping at a coffee shop and getting my coffee and muffin on the way to my office.  Little boys in tow, meeting the assistant to help with the boys in-between clients, hopping on a plane to meet a client across the country, or having a house full of teenagers over on a Friday night eating pizzas and watching movies. There was no escaping the routines of life and being very pregnant with my surprise 5th child.  I complained very little because the reality is that I loved all that I was juggling.  With a good nights sleep I could pretty much keep up with it all.

I woke up on a Monday, now 8 months pregnant.  I pulled on my black trousers and a long sleeve black t-shirt.  Found a scarf  in the toy-box as I walked out to my car.  I was tired after a busy weekend and was deciding if I might take the day off.  My husband said to come in, and if I wanted I could just leave early.  So I drove into my office.  Accomplished nothing.  I had this one event, a dinner with this gal, Tonya G.,  I did not know very well.  The go-getter I met months earlier who invited me to her company dinner.  I checked my email and she said she was so excited to have me, and that I would be seated at the table near the front with her.  I was pondering if I should  return the email and cancel.  My husband encouraged me to go and suggested I drive to that end of town now, take an hour nap in the car before heading into the dinner.  I argued that it was a fancy hotel and I was not dressed appropriately.  Thank God for the scarf to sharpen up my outfit.   I drove across town, parked my car, reclined my seat and slept solid.  My husband called me on my cell phone to make sure I woke up.

A little quick make up check, lipstick and I was ready to eat and enjoy an evening with new friends.  I walked into the hotel and found the room.  A large lovely hotel decorated beautifully.  I was greeted and introduced to the regional director, the local director and this go-getter Tonya Giesbers brought me to my table.  I sat, and then picked up the program. There listed as the keynote speaker “Elizabeth Traub” followed by a small bio.  I froze.  How did I miss this?  How could I not know that I was  the keynote speaker for this event.  I racked my brain for rewind and play information in my mental list and it was not coming.  I took a few deep breaths and gathered myself.

I found Tonya  and asked her how much time I would have to speak.  She said that I had 45 minutes and that they would be video taping for future events.  I smiled and asked, “since this is being video taped, what information is most important.”  Nice, I know.  Asking key questions so this “keynote” speaker could speak.  Tonya handed me their company catalog. I sat back down, grabbed a pen and wrote an outline in the ten minutes before the event started.  I pulled off 45 minutes of talking about design.  Walked off the stage, and then answered individual questions for the next hour.

When I got to my car, I burst into laughter.  That crying, laughing, crying how did I do this kind of emotional disorganization of more crying and laughing.

I called my husband who clearly thought I was a  very pregnant emotional wife who had just lost it.  I was laughing so hard I could not get the words out.  Finally I was able to ask him, “guess who the keynote speaker was?”  He about fell over when I told him it was me. Had it not been for my husband encouraging me to go into work, encouraging me to take that busy traffic drive across town, and to take that nap, I can only imagine how things might have turned out.  I never did tell Tonya G. However after reading this I am sure she has some of her own stories of pregnant and working.

Tonya has won national awards with her ability to add design accents to your home. Take a moment to peruse her website.

What are some of your stories. That moment when you can credit an “oops” to being pregnant.  That on the job moment directly related to being pregnant and working?


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