Featured Artists

Every day we use our minds in ways that only make sense in how we commuicate. An artist communicates with painting, creating, designing and using their talents to extend beautiful artful pieces. Creating in a way that is an extention of their soul. Featuring an artist(s) is my way of celebrating the development and growth of the arts.

“Designed by Kenna”

Designed by Kenna is the creative force behind stunning handmade jewelry and captivating hand-painted rocks. McKenna’s artistic talents shine through in every piece she creates. Her jewelry is a true reflection of her passion and creativity, each piece telling a unique story through carefully crafted designs. McKenna’s work is a testament to her intelligence and artistic finesse, as she continuously pushes the boundaries of her craft.

Beyond her creative pursuits, she radiates beauty both in her art and her spirit, capturing the hearts of those who appreciate her work. With a profound passion for her craft, Designed by McKenna brings a touch of beauty and inspiration to the world of art and adornment.