Designed by Kenna

Designed by Kenna

McKenna discovered her love for art during quarantine. Like many she had all the time in the world to find out what makes her happy in the current circumstances.

A commissioned project. Table top painted rocks for a 70th wedding anniversary.

In those couple of years, she began painting rocks and making jewelry to give away as gifts to her friends, neighbors and family. McKenna worked to designed a collection of colors and design.

“I used to always say I’m not an artist.”

Custom orders available.

When she explored and tried different things like wire wrapping and small scale painting, she fell in love.

Working on an elegant custom order.

She practiced her skills by creating little handmade treasures that quickly became her favorite way to make people smile. It wasn’t long that her creative gift making and giving became her passion to jump into entrepreneul measures.

You can find Designed by Kenna art in the Oregon Garden gift shop, on her Etsy shop, and at craft markets.

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